Horse Sense....



Ok, so I need a new Plan A.

Well, that's not 100% true but it's not, not true if you know what I mean.  We're back to food.  

I am seeing a huge difference in horses personality and mental clarity because of the food we as humans feed them.

Or what we don't.

Which fortunately, or unfortunately depending on which way you look at things, means I have to go back and relook at my food.  I know!  But, and this is the odd thing, I watch how horses react and have seen the difference when I get it right.  Or wrong.  Which means that I personally have to go back and Sequoia.  Well, Sequoia was really clever at this - putting food to cycles and listening to the rhythms of the Earth and then eating accordingly - herbs, plants, different grasses, bushes, flowers, vitamins, hard food etc so that's what I'm going to go back and do, only eat food which directly nourishes and empowers my body or my soul.  I'm going to Do a Sequoia.

But get this, every time I'm working on an outside horse's health and have run into a road block, either for myself or the horse, completely randomly and out of the blue, the next minute, Beep Beep and Sequoia's new owner has sent me a text of Sequoia.  

And there she is, glaring at me, Have you been tapped with the stupid stick?

No, I bloody well haven't!  Wait...

And then there I am again, looking deeper, peeling back another layer, riding the Energy, slipping and sliding, falling and flying, to touch the magic.

But, and this is a completely different but same subject, I'm also noticing that just turning up is a result.

I know!  When I can't work a horse because of the weather or do anything else that I may have found I want, need or desire what I've found I can do, which is important, is turn up.  That that by itself gives me a result and builds on our foundation.

I must be going too far and too quick though and Spirit need me to take a break because my knee's gone out and I'm hopping along like some weird ass, lopsided person.  Nothing happened, I just woke up like this.

Actually, that's not 100% true.  There is a Spiritual theory that says, when you have stuff going on inside you that you are not dealing with then first Spirit try and talk with you and give you messages and then if you don't listen then they up the Energy.  They do this by giving you physical symptoms.  Like if your lower back is sore then you have financial worries, your right shoulder means that the will power you are using to stop yourself from slapping someone from here to Africa is overwhelming, your right knee going out means that you have wonderful opportunities in front of you and Spirit are trying to nudge you forward but you are refusing.  When you lose your voice it is because your heart chakra is out and you are not speaking your Truth and when you *cough* before speaking you are about to lie.

So, my knee is out.

Don't give me that look, at least I consciously recognise what's wrong.  And to be fair, it's not that I don't want to move forward emotionally but rather my life's pretty damn great and what if by moving forward I somehow bring conflict, restlessness and unpeace back into my life.  You know how hard I have worked to leave that all behind.

So, I've been taking lots of baths with bath bombs and epsom salt, homemade facials with egg, honey, oats, sugar and salt and I made my Comfrey balm.  I'm trying to be good and kind to myself until I am able to move forward with confidence.  I'm assuming this is just a speed wobble.  But let's face itI like done deals not maybe's.  I don't like maybe.

Anyway, I have time.  I'll just sit back, chill out and relax until I'm ready again.


Today was kind of cool.  Well, I must of got lazy without Sequoia being here because it was slightly harder to listen to the rhythms of the Earth than what I had anticipated.  Mostly because you have to go down into so many layers and I was still sitting in Christmas/New Year eating habits which pretty much means too many carbs, way way too much of the wrong kind of chocolate and an over abundance of processed salty food.  So, first off it was back to Sequoia language...How do I feel?  Then, What do I feel like to eat?  Then taking the healthiest option of whatever salt, sweet, sour, meat, seafood, fruit or chocolate I felt like.  And I did this 6 times today.  But it's really empowering to listen to not just your body but the Earth vibrations and tweak the Energy so you're in balance with both.  It's challenging to get my head round though and I feel like a bit of a Dinlo because everyone's talking about diets and physical weight, dumping sugar, kicking carbs out the door and giving a goodbye wave to chocolate and here I am banging on about Listening to the rhythms of the Earth, frequencies, eating to balance the two and how to claim your Divine place in this equation.

But in having said that I've been having some truly random horsey conversations with people that I wouldn't normally speak to.  They've been good though because I love talking to any and all horsey peeps - I always take something away from the conversation and I love talking to someone and hear them say, No, I don't agree with what you're saying and then finish with, but I did try this thing once...  This convo today was all about well, horses but it was kind of interesting because it came down to, Horses don't bite or kick you because you don't actually make them work, all you do is talk to them and pat them.  


But I also don't hit them, smack their nose, punch their side, yell at them, call them w*ankers, c*nts or fu*ktards nor am I ever mean to, make fun of or embarrass them. So, you know, six of one.


So, we had our Cancer kids today and it totally rocked.  They were all between 5 and 16 years old and all had a Companion.  This is a volunteer person who stays with them the whole week.  Never leaves their side.  Oh c'mon, how cool is that?  Anyway, Ralph and Chew loved it.  There were between 80 and 100 kids there on this massive field, it was huge, no fences and if you went far enough you went directly onto a main road.  No problemo.  The little ones, had running races, walked with their little ones or had a little run with them.  The only funny thing that happened was a little one dropped Chew's lead so things could have got a bit dicy there but all Chew did was play.  

Seriously.  He frolicked like a little lamb.  

Frolicked.  Lamb.  Chew.  

I know! Sometimes I can't believe Chew either.  It just blows my mind that he is the same mini that came to live with us originally.  But it's just proved to me again that horses Clair-olfactory (ability to smell a sickness and inbalance in the body) is fantastical.  The horses know which is why I'm working so hard with my food.  Food makes a huge difference to your frequency as I've learnt, and continue to learn, and definitely affects your ability to be able to do this particular sense.  But not just this sense, every Clair-sense.  

However, in reality, food affects your frequency, period.  And not just junk food with heaps of preservatives and numbers and sh*te which put blockages up but to be in balance and on the right frequency you have to learn how to eat to your own personal and unique, rhythms.  

On another similiar but different topic, we've decided not to plait their manes again though, not because we don't like it but rather the kids we deal with love to hug and cuddle, throw their arms around them and run their hands through their manes.  We can't do that if they're plaited.  

So, that's been our week.  Deeply Spiritual, not a huge amount of forward movement as such, but a profoundly soul connected time.

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Buzz, Fenny and my little buddy, Flash.


I'm doing ok with my food.  Not 100% great because people keep giving me these delcious Belgium truffle type chocolatey things but you know, it's hard to fall off too much when as soon as my tribe hear a packet of chippies open they're all at the fence, staring at me...Snack time!