Horse Sense....



So, Flash is on the mend.  Still looking extremely ribby but is eating like an elephant so I'm guessing the weight should be coming back pretty quick.  And I've started added Coconut Oil in her feed along with the Molasses.  Coconut Oil is sooooooooo good because it has so many benefits:  

1) Almost half of the fat in C.O. is Lauric Acid which destroys the bad bacteria in the tummy and mouth.  Lauric Acid is also found in breast milk which we know helps immunize babies against infections.  

2) Builds up muscle.  C.O. affects the pancreas which causes it to produce more insulin.  This compound is best known for controlling blood sugar levels but also delivers nutrients to muscles.

As well as being good for the heart, controlling sugar cravings, improves memory loss, improves condition of hair, hyrdrates the scalp and reduces skin flaking and/or dandruff, stops you getting sunburnt and instead makes you a gorgeous toasty, caramel colour (as your favourite Psychic can attest to), protects the liver from dangerous drugs, improves skin condition making you look younger and last but not least, apparently reduces stress/depression etc.  

I'm a huge fan of C.O for myself personally but often put it in my horses feed and Caps loves it being rubbed into his hooves.

And Missy is doing well.  Super well.  Comes over when she sees me, has very good feeding manners and goes over to her feed bowl to wait for me to put food in and I am touching under her cover and directly on skin both her left and right sides.  

I am super, super happy.


Ok, well that didn't work.

After telling you how good C.O. is Flash spat it out.  However, I've put so much vitmains and minerals in her I can understand she's pretty much over everything.  Anyway, she is walking, eating, running away from me and generally on the up and up.


Cambridge was good last night.  The horses are talking with me now about what they need to feel safe and secure and more importantly, what they like before and after a race.  

How super cool!  I can do that.

And for the first time ever I saw one of our horses listen to see how one of his friends had done in a race.  I can't say that 100% that they understand our language but I watched a horse Friday night, listen to hear how his friend had done and then hear the result. Maybe he knew by the hoof beat, maybe some other way, I can't tell you because I just don't know, but I'm fascinated with this form of communication. It's like a jungle beat.

But talking about that our horses show the other horses what I'm like.  I mean, I've spoken before about how the horses communicate about the trainers, drivers etc but when I walk them after a race at Alex I've watched a horse I'm walking tell the other horses what I'm like. This is Tania....this is what she does...this is how she is...

It's the oddest thing.  

Their language and communication skills are extraordinary.


And right now it is 2.32am on the very first day of 2018.

Happy New Year!

It was the best start to the year, I had a great time tonight, yes, at Alex with the horses again and I couldn't have asked to be with better people.  In fact, I've been very blessed over the last month.   Has it gone anywhere near to plan?  Absolutely not.  However, I have been blessed with an abundance of love and friendship.  In fact, I have been shown so much love that it has started to fill me up.  I've started to see the future I always wanted and tonight just proved that to me again.

Yes, I was with the horses.  Not mine as normal because we didn't take any tonight so I had to borrow some others.  Which worked very badly on some and extremely brilliantly on others.

Let's start with the not so much.  

So, there I was with the horses, having a chat and being super careful not to get caught.  Then I ran into someone who knew me a few years ago and we got chatting and he said, No problem you touching the horses so I did.  Then went back up to where the others were drinking, had a drink and then came down again.  My friend was not there however, a horse had just finished racing and was in her box, wet.  So, I ducked under the chains, grabbed the towel off the side and started wiping her down and having a chat.  

And the managers wife caught me.

Then 20 million different kinds of sh*te happened like, You have no right to touch this horse, Get out and stay out and my favourite, If we get a positive swab you will be the suspect!

And then I swear, hand on heart she was going to clump me one although to be fair, I hope you don't get a positive swab could have been taken either way.  

So, then I had to find a new bloody horse.  Which I did. I hunted down a much older guy who looked as if he was just hanging out with a horse, started a conversation with him and then was chatting away and touching his horse.  

I know, you can't keep a good Psychic down.

Anyway, it bloody worked out (right at the end) that it was another trainers father.  I'm like, Seriously, Spirit? But the funny thing was I thought that particularly trainer was short, fat and bald.  No.  My bad.  Anyway, I've got another horse to chat to and am now setting horses up so that I always have at least one other to talk to apart from ours.  Because I only realized tonight that I'm never longer than 3 hours touching a horse.  I know, how super f*cking cool.

Anyway, the rest of the night was cool, fireworks and lots of conversations and new friends.  I had a great time.  Did I get everything I wanted?  No, I didn't.  However, I did get heaps of compliments (thanks Ad for the dress, who knew you could rock it so well with a super cool bra and boots, eh?) offers of a shag, coffee, drink, booty and well, you get the gist.  The dress rocked.

But all jokes aside, it was good and apart from me being slightly naughty by saying I had just started dating someone and wanted to see where it goes when in reality the guy I described was his friend that I had just seen him talking to and someone I really want to get to know.  But to be fair, I didn't want to be mean to the guy however, I want a guy who sees me, not someone who sees great t*ts, a knockout a** and a killer smile.  I want the guy who goes, I love the way she is with the horses.  I see the way she touches them.  And just before you think I've lost all my marbles, his friend was clocking me.  I caught him watching me about 10 times.  Seeing who I was talking with, was I touching anyone, was I drinking (which is a No, I stopped drinking years ago).  Anyway, whatever happens and whether his friend steps forward or not, I'm waiting for the guy who sees me.

Oh, bite me.  The dress was hot. Blame the dress.

Anyway, I'm signing off for this week here because it's been pretty amazing and I'm happy, the horses are happy, the calves are all alive and happy and my son is also happy.  It's been a brilliant week.

Much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Buzz, Fenny and Flash.


knew the funny guy who was chatting me up last week had a temper.  I saw him smack his horse around the face today because things didn't go quite right.  So, you know, coffee's a no. 

** What an awesome morning.  I saw one of my outside horses and then after I had spoken with him his owner came out and we both talked.  It is a deeply Spiritual experience when a horse communicates and is one of the best things I have ever done.  It's truly rewarding to not just talk but hear and it totally rocks when a full on conversation happens.

And moi has a new record.  Less than 24 hours into the new year and apparently I'm already shagging around like a drunk bunny on E.


But wait...and this is still the same day, I was at Vodafone sorting out my phone - well, actually I was having a whinge about the Insurance Company because the Insurance Company had given me this "new" phone and it was not working properly (so for the second time in two months I have lost all my contacts, photo's and been deleted off all sites and lost all passwords) and then some chick comes in, talks to the guy at counter and then does a snatch and grab of the latest $1600 phone. Runs out the door like a gazelle on speed, jumps into waiting car and takes off with screeching tyres.  Police called.

I know!

But wait...I didn't find this out until the day after but it happened the same day.  A friend of a friend was riding at the beach, horse spooked, reared up, rider fell off and was admitted to hospital with 2 fractured vertabrae.  

This has been a very, very bad Fulll Moon and I have not liked it.  There has been no Riding the Energy of the Moon, laughing with Unicorns and playing in the stars no, no, it has been Mud wrestling in the sludge with one eye goblins and base Energy hejews and in the end I just stopped participating with people unless I was directly working with Spirit.

I also almost stopped seeing my outside horses too until the Energy passed, but in the end I couldn't.  

Thank f*k it's over though.  Bring on the happy.