Horse Sense....



I love my TB.

Caps is the first thing I see in the morning, has his before breakfast snack with me and a bit of a Hi, how you doing? then we have breakfast, then go off and do separate things, have mini catch up's during the day and then another chat about our day with a snack before dinner and fresh water.

Today I need to say that I value this time together because it makes me a better person.

Caps makes me a better person.

Although, if I'm honest I still want to slap people round the head with a wet fish and say, What the f*k is the matter with you? Why would you do that? so you know, Caps makes me better, not perfect.

On a separate, similar but different note Missy was good today.  She voluntarily comes to me and is emotionative (I know, it's not a bloody word but it means that she is making the first movement forward showing emotions in a positive and proactive way) like putting her head down to have a scratch, a bit of a snuggle, an ear rub and a general connecting in.  

Anyway, we watched the truck water the track and the tractor do the evening out bit this arvo but unfortunately we (Missy) got a bit too close to the fence, touched her nose to it and got a bloody shock.  She bailed over to the opposite end of the paddock and didn't wish to come back over.  

Bloody annoying because it was a really lovely time.  I've said that I'm doing my best to have her cover off during the day and she's keen but we are still a fair bit away from it.  It's ok, Spirit's will.  

I will take what I can, where I can, when I can in whatever form we are lucky enough to get it.


I am so happy with Missy.  She is back to the way I used to know her, emotionative (this is my favourite new word so expect me to use it all the time now), touchy/feely and generally a joy to be round.  I need to up my game around her a bit now but to be honest, I like this, what we have right now and wish to sit in this Energy for a teensy bit longer.  

The good news is, I can.

Super proud of the mini's and me.  Chew was easy as plaiting today, he's a rock star, Ralph was good but more, How long is this going to take... However, I did plait them myself for our Christmas Party tomorrow and I do have to say, they look super cute.  It better not bloody rain tonight.


It didn't rain.  It was awesome.


Races were good.  

Energy doesn't lie.  

love hanging with the horses - the horses know.  


I'm proud of Missy.  She is emotionative on a daily basis now.  I am watching her process information and communicate willingly and freely with me.  I am watching her wait for me and I am watching her reach out and want to be with me physically.  Black and white.  I don't take her food although I want to change that.  Yes, we do go find food but that's after our time of physcially touching not before.  It's not a bribe.  

Yes, there are things I want to change and I'm not sure that I'm going to be able too.  That concerns me.  

It also concerns me that her tummy is still not in balance but I've learnt a valuable lesson here.  I will never, ever let someone else feed a horse on my recommendation again when I'm there every day.  It's my work, I will feed.  I know the texture and consistency I need.  I know the exact dosage.  I always check the feed bin afterwards not to mention putting it in the feed bin.  Writing this now makes me go, Tap, know this.  That was a rookie mistake and one hopefully I can correct now but something I will most certainly do in the future. 

There's also been a part of me this week that has gone, FFS just say you massage horses and be done with it...and I just can't.  

I can't sell myself short like this.  Not that there is anything wrong with massaging horses, it is a valid job to do.  However, I work with the Clair-senses and I open the horse/human door and I'm not going to tell you that I don't so you feel better about things.  

Or me.

It's been funny the last couple of days though - twice I have spoken about the horse/human door and one woman laughed in my face then completely blanked me not just then but also the following day yet the other person I spoke to about it, didn't.  He nodded and said, I understand but I can't talk with you about it.

I get that.

But everytime I'm with the horses, I'm like, there.  It's magical, deep, connected and has soul.  

And as much as it does p*ss me off when I get some muppet screw up their nose at me and pooh pooh my way with the horses ultimately, it doesn't matter what anyone says.  

Because the next day there I am again down with the horses and I'm touching this thing that has no name.

And I can breathe.

Baby's feeding out everyday now.  I'm super happy.

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Buzz, Flash and Fenny