Horse Sense....



Note to self: When someone says, Hey, do you want to come pick up some hay and we'll give you a bbq after...  do not just hear, Free dinner.  

And when I offer the young one's services and all 4 voices yell, Yes!  It is time to stop and reassess things, not just think, Free dinner.

Anyway, 750 bales of hay later...

Yip, you know when you drive along a country road and you see all the bales of hay sitting randomly in the paddock?  Well, that's what it means to, Go pick up hay.  

Anyway, it's just gone midnight and we're still plaiting although to be fair, if we hadn't stopped and mucked around and done 20 million other things then this might not have worked out like this.  However, the horses are all fine hanging out being plaited, ribboned, sprinkled, sparkled and generally being fabulous.  


It was a super cool day but it never fails to surprise me how Ralph and Chew step up, it defies logic.

Everyone loved the plaits and as much as I would love to claim that as my work, it was all down to Tegen, she was a rockstar.  We had people taking photographs for two solid hours, in fact, we had consistent queues but I was so pleased that we, (ok, fine, Tegen) had spent the extra time and done the plaiting.  Putting that extra little effort in was so worth it.  In fact, if it is possible today was better than last year.  We spent two hours there and we had queues from the time the doors opened to when we left, it was insanely intense but super cool.  I had hoped to stay longer than the 2 hours we were pencilled in for but in the end Ralph was starting to get a bit grumpy and Chew was like, Enough, peeps! so I just packed everyone up and we left.  

Whe I got home though I was trying to explain to the young one why it's so good and the only thing that I could come up with is everyone is grateful.  Not for a new car or the latest phone or designer clothes or even money, but just I am so grateful to be standing here with you right now, at this exact moment in time.

It was a truly humbling yet empowering, experience.


Missy's coming along well.  She's talking quite a bit but when she knows I hear and do nothing about it then she, well, sulks.  

Then goes a bit muppety and scares me half to death.

So, then I try something different and she plays ball again.  She tells me all the time when I get it wrong but she also tells me when I get it right.  Right now, as I'm writing this I have it half right.  Actually, that may be a bit optimistic, I have it a little bit right.  I've got the first layer of success however, I have to be really careful that I don't get complacent here because it is only early success, we haven't got to the original sin. 

I love seeing her everyday though, I'm learning so much and not just from her but from all the horses.  They're letting me into their world.

And I'm diarizing everything.  Every.  Little.  Thing.

Because I believe I'm on the right path.  I also believe I see the right patterns but as you and I both know, what you think you see and what looking back actually is are two completely different things so I'm writing everything down.  

I also know Spirit never let me down and the only thing that will get in the way of our success is ego.

Obviously, not Missy's.


So, that's been our week - super busy with down to earth hard work, magic, miracles, mischievousness, muppety-ness, shags (no, not mine but thanks for asking) and food.  

I'm not happy.  No one is seeing an improvement with Missy apart from me and unfortunately, moi, in this instance doesn't count.  But I went in to see her today and she is consistently, slowly and surely improving. She's alert and watching the other horses as they go round and I swear, hand on heart, she's clocking them.  Seriously, I'm watching her go, Head's not right...she's pulling to the left...her balance is slightly off... It's stuff like this that she does which makes me tingle.  But the little cart came round going up to the paddocks just after that so I left her to it, jumped on the cart and went for a wander and gossip.

I ended up going back later after lunch today though and she came over immediately, had a head rub, scratch and tummy touch and we had a bit of a chit chat.  She's not stupid so understood where I was coming from which is, It's nice that I see improvement but other people also have to see improvement. But, in this instance it's a bit of, Shut the gate after the horse has bolted because the chiropractor came round yesterday and he's really good so any improvements now will be given to him.  As they should be.

Anyhou, we have what we have.  Not bloody much right now and I'm underwhelmed and disappointed.  

Not in Missy and not in myself but I guess because everything is taking so long for other people to see.  And that's silly.  That's just my stupid ego talking.  

Poco Poco - little by little.

Manana - time has no meaning.


Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Buzz, Flash and Fenny.