Horse Sense....



So, today was a little odd because I was a little off centre.  Not hormonally challenged, no no they were all playing nicely but just, you know, off.  So, I knew I wasn't going to play with Missy today.  However, I still went down to see her.

Apparently, she wasn't that thrilled with the day either because she was mouthy with a capital M.  And then showed a few teeth just in case I was a little on the stupid side today.  I was not.

However, we did not play The grass game because I do not reward bad behaviour.  I understand that her body is healing and she's muppety but I also know that she can process information and knows right from wrong.  So, she needs a day or so to see what she would like to invite, and keep, in her life.  Overall, we're all good though.

And then it was my time to rebalance.

So, I hit the stables and started mucking out, picking up sh*te, cleaning and refilling the water in the stalls and sweeping out.  I find it very therapeutic because my business of talking with my human clients is not regulated.  This means that unlike Psychologists or Psychiatrists who have to have a supervisior so that they make sure that no personal opinion or past hurt, comes into what they talk to their clients about, the same does not apply to me or my industry.  Which is a real shame because we deal with a lot of deep seated past, present and future issues.

However, I'm what you would call an Old Reader now which refers to not my physical age but rather the almost 25 years I have worked in this industry.  So, I know how to take care of myself and recognize when I'm slightly off centre.  And when this happens, I stop.  I take time out to rebalance and see what has knocked me out.  Pre the horses I used the ocean and went swimming a lot, or hot pools in the Winter but now it is the horses and in particular, cleaning up their sh*te.

It brings me a weird kind of peace and let's me sit with my thoughts.  And as I'm working, I let all the information swirling round, come front and centre and then I peel back the layers until I come to the root of the problem.  Then I take it one layer deeper.  And then I'm fine.  Well, you know what I say to you, face the issue, then dig deep until you find the root.  Treat the cause not the symptom.  

So, that's what I did today, inbetween chit chats to random people, getting horses in, taking horses out and feeding out.  

Then I had a gorgeous swim in the salt water pool up at the big house with the horses surrounding me.  It was a deeply Spiritual day and changing my day round recharged, refreshed, energized and empowered me.  Which directly translates to recharging, refreshing, energizing and empowering you.

Did you know though that back in the old day, people like me who spoke with Spirit also spent time doing work with the land to keep us grounded so we didn't fly away.

Just saying.

Oooohhhh, almost forgot.  Had someone round yesterday and Suzie Q freaked out.  She didn't want to be caught and all of a sudden was like, Oh no, I don't think so... and after a few minutes it was obvious that she was not ok about it.  I stopped everything and was like, She's all good, not today.  We could have forced her but there wasn't a real reason to so we left it.  

But this morning, she came up and nuzzled me. Not just once, but three times.  

Poco Poco - little by little.

Manana - Time has no meaning.


Missy is unhappy.  I went to see her today and again she was mouthy.  But she doesn't want to be.  And she is such a beautifully natured horse that this is extremely unusual.  I assume something has been added to her food - either a vitamin, mineral or a new bit of food because I've seen this happen before.  You think you're doing the best thing for your horse and it works out that you unintentionally add something which has testerone or steriods in it.  I use these words because this is the only word that I know which says what I mean but it might not be the exact word however, it is exactly what I mean.  And that's how missy is at the moment.  Manky as f*k but still wants cuddles.  

I am treading very, very carefully with her.


A good night at the races.  Lots of Spirit tonight which made it extra special.  I love hanging out where Spirit are.  You would think that Spirit like peace and quiet and harmony and stuff but no, at the races behind the scenes it is busy, a little chaotic, the horses all whinnying and neighing and kicking up a bit of a hoo ha if they're a bit feisty and there Spirit are.  Standing in corners with their cronies telling tales of old times and horses passed, talking about the ones now, tending to the horses, standing, touching and speaking with them.  

I always said that I want to spend my time where Spirit hang out and now I've got it - both during the day at home talking with you and Spirit, at the stables where I talk to the horses with Spirit and once a week at night with Spirit and the horses.  I couldn't be happier.


Oh, almost you remember a few years ago when Spirit wanted me to do a little bit of work with kids with cancer and I said, No.  No way.  Nah uh, you can't ask me to do that.  I'm not that brave.  Well, anyway, Spirit let it drop and I thought we were all good.  Guess where the mini's and I are heading to in January?  


How do you make God laugh?

Tell him your plans.


It took 4 days with Missy but when I turned up this morning there she was, standing at the gate waiting for me, swishing her tail.

Hi Tania, good to see you.

Hey Missy, it's good to see you, too.

We hung out and just spent time together.  Maybe we should have worked but it was a time of cementing our connection not a time of moving forward.  

I want a partnership based on respect, love and kindness.  Looks like Missy wants this, too

Well, fingers crossed.


Oh, almost forgot to tell you, we have our huge Christmas Party Saturday.  2000 people so the mini's and I are really excited.  We had a huge amount of fun last year and have big hopes that this year will be the same.  We are also getting ourselves all glammed up.  Well, the mini's are.  I am not allowed to although to be fair, I'm not really a tinsel girl, think more bad elf.  Anyway, I'm going to play round this week painting/glittering/spray painting stars/hearts etc on them and Tegan's coming over Friday to plait and stuff as she's super cool at it. I'm going to practice on Caps first though just in case I make a boo boo and then can't get the stuff off.  We've got to be at the ASB stadium 10.30 Saturday so this should be interesting, not just the doing but the keeping until we get there.  I'll try and put photo's up on Insta but I can't do photo's inside nor of them working or being round any of the kids.  However, we are all super excited and want to share what we can with you.  

** Went down to see Missy today and she was gone!  As I was having a hunt round to make sure she wasn't lying down sunning herself somewhere, someone came up to get me to take me to her.  She's got a super new HUGE padddock right next to the track.  So, close that she can literally feel the wind as horses run around yet huge enough that she can go to the back and not be worried about anything.  Missy is so lucky, she has everybody supporting her.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Az, Suzie Q, Buzz, Fenny and Flash.