Horse Sense....



Wow, it's been crazy busy.

Missy is making me dig deep.  To use every sense I have to make every day better.  More connected.  More life enhancing.

And I have to say that I am liking the challenge.  I love having to be better than the day before.  To draw out a deeper connection and to create a want from her.  That's kind of cool.  Actually, not kind of, it is.  

Does this mean I never get scared?  

Hell no!  But it means I do let other people into my circle of life.  I don't try and do things all by myself anymore like I did when I first started with the horses.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I still listen first to what I know however, I then take what I know out into the sunshine and let others feed, water and grow it with their ideas, thoughts, experience or opinions.  It's taken me a long, long time to be able to do this though but the rewards are starting to come.  I see Missy and how she reacts, where she is growing strong, where and when we still have issues but I also see our success.  

The things we get right. 

I consistently stay in the moment and never ever look further than my nose.  I'm trusting our process.


I've had to introduce myself three (3) times to a new guy down at the stables this week.

Mostly because I was a little, well, Tania.

Ok, so the first time I met him the only thing I said was, I thought I'd shut the gate behind me... when I saw the opened gate and him coming behind me leading horses.

The second time was when he came up and introduced himself to me, gave me his name, told me about his work and his horses and I listened as he spoke and then said, My name is Tania then turned around and walked away.  I know, you don't have to say anything and the third time was after I had chatted to one of the other girls at the stables and she had made me promise that the next time I saw him I had to introduce myself properly because as she said, He doesn't know you like we do and that was rude.  Well, ok then.

So, the third time I went, Hi, I'm told that I can be rude and abrupt if you don't know me so let me try again.  My name is Tania Kettle and I am a Professional Clairvoyant by trade.  This means I work with that that you cannnot see, that which you cannot hear and that which you cannot touch and that's how I work with the horses.  If you have a horse with a problem that you cannot find or fix, you call me.  Then I flicked him on the arm, laughed and left.  We're all good now.

But on a similiar but different note I showed myself again to be the least experienced at the trials the other day.  So, there I was walking the horse after his race and he decided that he would take me for a walk.  And promptly did, which is slightly embarrassing when everyone is watching your horse take you round the place.  Then he decided he wanted his molassas drink and dragged me over to the bucket and started drinking.  Unfortunately, it wasn't our bucket, he'd nicked one of the other horses one and he was not moving until he'd finished.  I then had to stand there until he was ready to go. I was so embarrassed, I just pretended we were exactly where we should be and ignored everyone looking at us.  

It never fails to amaze me that I've made my living for almost 25 years, out of talking to people.


Caps hooves are cracking!  I know, Quelle Horreur!  And then, to add insult to injury, his back hip has gone out.  He's not a happy camper and so moi is not happy.  Obviously.  So, everyone is on Coconut Oil for the hooves and Miri Miri's for Caps with liquid gold. What I've found interesting though is Caps doesn't like eating the oil, so I rub it onto his hooves twice a day but the Welsh Menance loves eating it (no surprises there) as do the mini's.  I prefer to work from the inside out so that works for me but Caps is Nah uh rub it.  I've also added electrolytes into their water tonight although now I'm thinking about it, I should have added Vitamin C instead.  Will add Vitamin C tomorrow to Caps food.  Have also added kelp back in but not when feeding Coconut Oil.  

And Missy and I are doing ok.  I see her everyday and somehow that's working for us.  I don't always take her down, in fact, I only take her down to the stables 3 possibly 4 times a week.  Mostly 3, sometimes 2.  But we always do something together.  And the Clair-senses are back working.  Well, that's not true, they always work but they are recognizably working now.  

What I always find a bit odd though is that when Missy and I work on the Clair-senses then other horses start showing interest and all of a sudden they'll be, Hey, whatcha doing?  Can we play, too? 

That's a Yes.  I always have time to talk to the horses.  

And I am spending quite a bit of actual time down at the stables now.  When I'm finished with Missy often someone will be, Hey, go get that horse in the paddock over there or Come help me take this horse back to the paddock or Jump in, let's go feed out so what starts out as 20 minutes often ends up being easily an hour or more now.  

But if I'm being honest, it's a really unusual time at the moment.  

I'm working hard with Spirit and the Clair-senses but it's like Spirit are compressed training me at the moment.  I'm not explaining this very well but think of doing a course in the Clair-senses.  That's the best way that I can describe it.  Every morning Spirit have a Spirit mentor (literally a Spirit) standing at the stables waiting for me and they tell me how to work, where and when.  I know this makes no sense on a "normal" human level but I swear, hand on heart, this is how it happens every morning.

I turn up.

There's my Spirit person waiting for me.

We work.

I upset someone today because they were talking about a Therapy Horse that was learning how to be broke to saddle and I said they were irresponsible using an unbroken horse for Therapy.  That the criteria for a Therapy Horse was not just, He's quiet it was, and is, so so much more than that.  

Ask Ralph.  Ask Chew.

And don't class us as, You both do the same work. 

We absolutely, not.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Buzz, Fenny and Flash