Horse Sense....



So, Missy and I have a foundation.

Now we can build on it.

And that's what we've been doing.  She hears me.  Tick.  I hear her.  Tick.  She trusts me.  Tick.  I trust her.  Tick.

The talking is pretty free flowing now though.  Well, seriously, how could it not be.  We've passed the stage of, I wonder if... a line in the sand has been drawn and now it is all about us moving things forward.  And we can do that.

Yesterday, we were out of the paddock and down with everyone, getting teeth done, having a bit of a chitchat and generally having fun.  Today, she was a bit sore so we hung round in the paddock and did some Clair excercises there.  Well, I practice my Clair-senses anywhere, any place, anytime.  It's like going to the gym but way more fun.  Now remember, we're past the stage of, Does she understand me?  So, today after having a chitchat about bodies, healing, health, Energy levels I did the Grass game.  It's a particular favorite of mine because my horse has to participate.  And they know it.  So, it's kind of cute watching them tussle about how to get what they want without letting me know they know what I want.  

So, after we had chit chatted and stuff I said I was going to get her some grass and stepped outside the gate.  I stood looking into the paddock, then pointed in 4 different directions and asked her which grass was the best.  Then I waited.

She also waited.

But I'm a Cancer chick, I've got patience.  

Would you like this grass over here? knowing she didn't or Would you like this grass over here? knowing she did, then waited again.

And then Boom! I got the physical movement I needed that showed me, she understood.  Her eyes moved from looking at me, to the exact spot of grass she wanted.  Then back to me.  Then back to the grass.

I do not know how horses know what I speak about.  I just know they do.  

When I left she was just standing at the gate watching me.  As if she didn't quite get it either.


Az wants to be Boss and no one is letting him.  

Actually, Suzie Q goes near him and he squeals like a girl.  Ralph finds it hilarious.  But Az is so unhappy about it, he's like, Tania! I want to be the Boss. 

I'm like, Don't tell me, I can't do anything about it.  

But nothing can change his mind.  He wants what he wants and just can't get it.  However, I did bring him up round the house for some one on one time and tried to explain that being a Boss wasn't just about bossing people round and eating all the food, that it was the responsiblity of looking out, after and for your herd.

Suzie Q has obviously run a herd before though because she's like, Tania, his manners are very bad. He's very naughty.  And then proceeds to discipline him back into line. It's super funny to watch but I'm careful not to make fun of him,  I don't want to hurt his feelings.

On a positive note, his manners are improving and we're getting some serious work done freestyle in the arena.  He's really intelligent and excels in this form of play.


Missy decided she didn't want to play today so there were a few unsavoury behaviours.  That's ok.  I don't stand alone.  A new Plan A in the works.


So, I've had to stop and reasses.  This means going back to my belief system.  As you and I have talked about previously, when I committed to the horses I said that I would always speak for the horses.  But this doesn't mean just speaking about what they say to me but it also means me listening.

So, that's what I've had to do right now.  Stop and listen to what Missy is talking to me about.  Really listen and then communicate to my humans.  And to do that I've had to go back to my belief system.  To go back to the foundations that we have together.  Which is kind of cool and really basic.  To keep her body in balance and her horse/human door open which is the foundation of her being and more importantly, achieving her full potential. 

Actually, now I'm talking about it, did you know that if your tummy balance is out then you get all sorts of nasty things happening like Depression, Anxiety and Bi Polar disorder?  Just thought I'd throw that in there.

Now, onto actual stuff.  Missy and I have gone back to playing The Grass Game and she's rocking it.  I don't care whether there are 10,000 people telling me that horses can't hear.  I am watching Missy communicate.  I am watching her listen, process and then talk back to me.  It's freaking awesome.  

I'm just going to go step by teensy, tiny, little step with no expectations, hopes, wants or desires.  Actually, now I'm writing about this maybe this journey is just as important for me as it is for her.

Step 1: I turn up.


OMFG...Chew is, at every possible opportunity trying to shag Suzie Q.  I honestly thought that it was Ralph who would love her but Chew fell instantly for her and is now trying to prove it at any given time.  If he is not on his very best behaviour showing her round the property (not trying to escape) he's nuzzling her, cuddling her then he's  following her round like a little lost puppy.  Super cute until I see his shagging efforts.


Missy's coming along fine.  I've had to step outside my normal thought patterns but it has been my stable peeps who have stepped up for me.  They saw that she had scared me the other day and just swept me up (in the couple of days since) and did not allow it to knock my confidence.  I've been super lucky and Missy is super super lucky.  She has a great support network, we don't all think alike but we all want the best for her.  

We're setting her up to succeed.

And on another That's just crazy sh*te when Missy and I played the grass game today she pointed to better grass in a completely different direction.  

I love intelligence.


A highly successful week with no bruises, bites, sprains, cracked anything and no one (me, the young one or the horses) got electrocuted.

Go us!

Missy's got a new trick.  Because I've had to change things round until she's all physically back in balance, I've just been using the track with her by her paddock up the top.  And then we snack on grass.  Today I walked up, she saw me and galloped up to meet me with a little slide stop for good measure.  Nice.

** Was at Karaka today seeing the Ready to Run 2 year olds.  Always super fun to actively work with the Clair-senses and I met some nice people.  Good luck for selling your horses xx

*** You know, I am truly grateful that the horses allow me to work on the Clair-senses with them.  It has deepened my ability tenfold.  Twentyfold maybe and I was a damn good Reader before this.  And I am in a weird, round about way, glad that I am able to see clearly An Unholy Alliance in my work.  But I truly, truly hope that I never get used to this particular Energy.  That physical sickness that happens when the door between the two worlds opens, and I see you're a man who trades in buying and selling children.

Much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suzie Q, Buzz, Fenny and Flash