Horse Sense....



I am so proud of myself!

Missy and I were standing there watching two horses train this morning and they looked so cute all geared up, but when they came in, for the very first time, I spoke directly to the horses when they came in.  In front of other people.  I complimented them on I what I had thought they had done well and called them by name.

There was a 2 second silence while the other humans processed what I'd just said and then Hello! everyone's talking and joking and complimenting back.  It was the first time I had ever spoken in front of other humans like that though and I have to say, it was weird.  It's like I'm hearing my voice for the very first time.  

I mean, I always speak to the horses like that when it's just us but I'm so super careful about humans.  But the other day, I had seen one of the horses (who was working today) show me that she was proactive and would like to talk and I took a chance today and I'm so pleased I did.  

Because I watched the Energy change.  I was with Missy so my Energy is always focussed on her but the Energy with every soul standing there became larger.  I don't mean scary big, I mean large.  Like we had 3 horses and 3 persons and then we had 6 souls.  


And there Missy was waiting for me this morning.  I was late because it was raining hard again and I was kind of hoping it would stop or at least slow down.  It did.  She was happy ish to see me.  Kind of pretended that she wasn't but neither of us believe it anymore.  Spent lots of time just getting mud out, she must have been a bit sensitive today because she wanted different brushes in different places.  But as long as she's talking I don't really care.  We had fun but it was kind of funny when I took her back to her paddock because I took her lunch with me this time and when I put it in her bowl she looks at me, picks it up in her mouth and moves it away.

Bloody charming!

But we have fun and I like her personality, she's funny and strong and has courage.  Other horses talk now.  To the same degree?  Not yet but it's only early days and I'm not working with anyone else yet.

And it has been brought to my attention that there are great, big gaping holes in my knowledge with the horses.


It was obvious at trials the other day when I went to wash a horse after it had come off the track and got to the wash bay and realised that a) I didn't know how to tie up and b) I had no idea how to wash the horse.  

Periodically, it would be nice not to have my lack of not put in technicolour glory.  However, it's obvious that I can do something with the horses.  No one seems to be quite sure what that something is, just that it is.

So, it was jacket putting on learning today.  I was asked how I did it at home and said that my horses just stood in the paddock and we took on and off there.


On a funny note though, I am allowed to scrape a horse down after the track (not tie up and not wash though), and then walk around and it was mentioned that I could wear jeans or trackies and sneakers, I said, I could, but the horses prefer me not to.  They like my style.


The park was good last night but I'm where I should be most of the time now, down with the horses.  I'm allowed to scrape down and walk them after which is cool, I can't whistle so taking one for a pee was a mission not accomplished but overall the horses love it and so do I.  I caught up with one of my old horses, we didn't get to speak much because of the people round but we touched as much as we could.  He was the one who always tucked me in and under, remember?  He would snuggle into my neck so his head hung over my shoulder and I was tucked into his.  He'd taken me on as his human mare.  Well, he tried doing that to me last night but we couldn't reach, however, the intent was enough.  Well, not really but yes, if you know what I mean.  

I still go see other horses not belonging to me though and yes, I am super careful, I would have seen more last night but someone kept calling my bloody name.  

I'm like, Would you shut up, are you trying to get me into trouble?  Bloody hell.  In his defence, he was trying to look out for me but when you see me doing stuff I shouldn't be doing you either:

a) Stand next to me in silence or

b) Walk away, stay away and pretend you don't know me.  

Those are your choices.

What you don't do, under any circumstances is draw attention to me or call out my name.  Trust me, I am always aware of where people are, who would be ok, who is not and who is always watching what horses I am talking to.  

However, an excellent night and I learnt more again.  

Mainly, that the horses use this time as a catch up with others.  Passing on messages, asking about others, how they're faring, letting others know they're ok, who's had foals, what they were and that they're ok.  A huge amount of communication actually goes on, far more than I originally thought.  

I also know that sometimes the horses are looking for a particular horse like one was last night.  Anyone who thinks that the horses don't talk about the trainers is not very bright, the horses definitely have their chosen ones.  They know who actually treats them well, the ones who only look as if they treat them well and they all know what really goes on when the lights go out and no one is around to judge.  It feels pretty great that the horses let me in on this part of their life though and I help them where, when and however I can.  


We got visitors today.  Two random girls rocked up at our door, said they were from the local pony club and could they groom our horses.  That was a Yes!  Caps loved it.  He likes people but he is surprisingly fussy with who he wishes to brush and groom him, not as fussy when it comes to being fed treats though. Az always loves new people - he's actually quite social and the young ones hung out as well.  

The bananas came out, video's were taken and a very pleasurable time had by all.

I hope we see them again.

So, that's been our week, lots of talking with the horses, lots of physical learning, lots of Spirit, not so much water.  

Our tanks are not fixed yet but you know, we're in the process and let's face it, we have water, just not in the conventional sense.

*  R.I.P Ron.  You were super sweet to me from the very first time you met me and I will miss your smile and hugs on a Friday.  Much love to the family you left behind.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Buzz, Flash and Fenny