Horse Sense....



Boom, baby.

Missy's talking.

love this part.  Actually, I love every part of this process.  But when the door swings open, it's beautiful. And that's where we are at.

Now, you want to know how I know.  

Well, that's easy.  When the horse/human door is open you are literally stuck to a horse and the horse is welcoming you in.  And we got that today.

When I first started with her, her tummy was inflammed, she had a couple of skin irritations and her Energy was all round the place.  There was no way that she would let me hang with her, body to body.  She was even a bit muppety about me standing next to her shoulder and breathing wrong.

Today, she was relaxed and easy going.  I was all over her like white on rice and there wasn't a murmur or even one ear wiggle in displeasure.  In fact, she welcomed me in. Her tummy is in perfect balance so her food has changed, had things taken out, put in and/or played round with.  Her skin irrations have also almost completely disappeared and she was chatting away like an angel.  

The weather was gorgeous so rugs were off and we spent time outside in the sun which she loved.  She's curious and wanted to find out about stuff which was cool.  So, we're also learning boundaries now.  Just general chitchat rules.  

Taking her back to her paddock was funny though, we got back, had some grass, I talked about when I was back and then she was like,

Uuuummmmm excuse me...


It's lunchtime.  


My lunch is ready....

Yeah, down the bottom, round the corner and on the back of the bike type thingy.  

No problem.  

So, I went down and got it.  That's the funny thing once the door is opened, to keep it open, free, honest communication needs to keep happening.  One asks, one answers.  It is of no consequence who does either.

I could not be happier though and can't wait to see what she accomplishes.  Early indications in the professional arena over the last few weeks show huge promise.

And on a funny note, I was taking one of the other horses back to the paddock, right by the track and Hello! she stops, stands still and just waits.  

Exactly what she sees Missy and I do.  To make sure there are no horses about to run us over, we stand by the track, wait, look both ways and then move across.  

It was super cool to see a horse start the communication process with me but more importantly, show me that they recognised and would too, like to talk.  

I also got a little growl though for not letting a horse go properly and putting myself in a dangerous position.  Valid point and one that I will take on board because horses are large and powerful.  It just never occurs to me that horses might want to go into their paddock and away from me. 

And my horses at home are happy as.  The sun is gorgeous here, so no jackets, lots of rolling around in dust, dirt and the very, very last of the mud.

Az also found out he loves banana.  Like loves.

The welsh menace is a bloody hoover when it comes to food.

Ran out of tank water again.  Both home tank and trough tank.  We definitely have a leak in the home one and have to have a leak in the trough one but for the life of us, we can't find it.  We'll look harder over the next few days.


We are definitely in the month of Spirit.  

Both water tanks have leaks.

Went out this morning to see if by some miracle (crossing my fingers and praying) that troughs had somehow filled up.  That was a No so went to check big tank to see if somehow I would have a lightning bolt Ah ha moment, poked my head in just to check well, I didn't know what I was checking but I wanted to at least pretend I knew what I was doing, and it was bone bloody dry.


On a positive note, at least I know why the tanks aren't filling however, that leaves the bigger issue of Where the f*k is the leak?

I always know that it is the month of Spirit because I have water issues and moi being a Cancerian, calls water.  This is super helpful when we have a drought not so much the other 1,968,777 days.

** Fenny is a calf type Chew.  I put all the calves away yesterday, shut gate behind me and all goods.  This morning I got up to feed out, went out to the barn and Hello! says Fenny.  With an acknowledgment from Flash and Buzz.  Correct.  I hadn't shut the gate up the top by the arena.  So, after everyone had eaten and stuff they went down the paddock, through the gate, up the paddock, through the next gate, round the corner, and through the open gate.  To the barn.

*** So, after having caught Chew type calves and put them back in paddock I then went out to my outside horses and I was lucky, it's was one of the rare occasions that I was at the barn by myself.  Some horses were in and we were having a bit of a chat before I caught up with Missy outside.  It was great, they were joking round with me about names because names on board didn't add up to where horses were in stables, so everyone was playing amidst cuddles and snuggles and strokes.  Then I went outside and saw Missy who was a bit muppety, she doesn't like it when I'm late, she's thinks I'm not turning up.  But anyway, there I am standing in the pi**ing rain, giving her a stroke and dodging her mouth and I realize that I'm feeling a little blue today.  

Because no one talks to me about soulmates anymore.  

It's all, How much money does he have? Does he have a million dollar home?  Does he have a beach house?  Will he take me away travelling?  Will I be able to stop work and shop?  Will he treat me like a princess (in a rich King man like way) but I'm being a bit hard.  

As there are women who think like this there are just as many men.  And it's been a hard year for people so naturally, money is, and will continue for a while, to be a big part of how people choose partners.  It just makes me sad because the things you need to be happy and are the truly valuable qualities in a partner, you can't buy.  

However, I am not saying every poor guy is great because I've met some who are complete f*cking muppets, I'm just saying that money is no way to judge a man.  But when I feel like this I remember one of my old girlfriends saying to me, It's just as easy to love a rich man as it is a poor one, Tania.  Don't be stupid.  I hear what she's saying but I just can't buy into this theory of, Get down on your knees and worship at the altar of your God.

And my heart hurts.  

Actually, it's hurting so f*cking much at the moment if I could literally reach in, grab it, bring it out and banish it to the corner until it starts behaving itself, I would.  I don't know what the h*ll is the matter with me at the moment.

So, there I am in the paddock with Missy, with horses surrounding us as far as the eye can see, feeling pretty f*cking crap, in the pi**sing rain with a horse who's sulking because I'm 3 hours late and the next minute, Boom! Spirit are standing with me. 

Stop!  Look around you, take our hand and open your eyes.  Look with us, into us and then see through our eyes...

And I saw.

I saw the aura's, sounds in colours, words in pictures, the whispers of Spirit and I saw soul.   

I love storms.

Almost, as much as I love Spirit. 


You know, I almost changed this blog this week because I knew it was going to upset a lot of people.  To take out the parts that were uncomfortable.  Not just for me living it but for you reading it.  I almost did, but in the end I didn't.  Because you don't deserve that from me, but more importantly, I'm not that girl.  I'm not your size 0, blonde, botoxed (nothing wrong with that if that's your bag) who goes to all the right places, wears all the right clothes and doesn't rock the boat.  That's not me.

I'm the chick with her own style, wears cowboy boots, has an opinion on pretty much everything (and doesn't mind sharing it), and says the word, f*k.  A lot.  I'll take a good book over a conversation with no substance, great food over a salad, celibacy over a casual shag with no meaning and you will never, ever see me at the right places, wearing the right clothes, just because it's the right thing to do.


And I'm ok with that.

Take me as I am or don't take me at all.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Buzz, Flash and Fenny