Horse Sense....




I've spoken to Caps this morning about Buzz and his lack of manners and asked him to sort this out.

This is good on many levels, the main one being, Caps loves being bossy and disciplining everyone.  Which I find very weird considering that this is not his natural behaviour.  At heart he is a real softie and wouldn't step on a fly.  

But periodically he puts on his dominant hat and Whooo watch him go.  

And this is what I need right now.  Well, really, there are rules in this house yet Buzz seems to think that not one of them applies to him.  We need to change this thought pattern asap.


Well, that worked brilliantly!

I opened everything up, Caps walked in, right into their box, drank their water, ate hay and acted like a King.  Everyone just stood around and let him.  Not one hoof out of place.  Dinner time, Buzz thought he'd step up and be the man and Caps quickly disabused him of that thought pattern.  Another couple of days and everyone should be exactly as they should be.


Ok, so Missy hit her, You're a human, I'm a horse, you stay on that side of the fence and I'll stay on mine phase today and decided she did not wish to participate with me.  

That's ok.  This is normal in our process.  It's the time when a horse starts emotionally freaking out on me.

Do their talk to the hoof and absolutely, 100% refuse to speak.  

That's what Missy's doing, pretending she can't hear and that just tells me that she needs a bit of time to rebalance.  So, we still did our grooming, touching, counting (which didn't work that well today) and her stroking of favourite place.  That was kind of funny because there I was touching her place and she's like, Stop that!  I said, Stop that!  but her eyes were soft and mooshie and she was like, Ok, well, maybe you can touch me there but I.  Am.  Not.  Going.  To.  Love.  You.  and did a vague ear wiggle to back up her point.

Boom, baby.  Her door wants to open.

She needs a day or so break from me to rebalance herself, to get her head straight and then we should be off again.

On a funny note though, when I took her back to the paddock and yes, her counting grass then was fine, the horse next to her paddock came up and wanted to have a little chat and maybe, let me pass them some grass over the fence.  I noticed Missy was like, I don't think so, she's my human and stopped eating grass at the side of the track and instead delicately ate my hand picked grass.

So, I stand by what I say that hand feeding grass that you pick for a horse is a priviledge to a horse.  They know we are not other horses and they know that it is only something that a human does who loves their horses.  I don't know how they know but they do.  In a weird a** way they understand it is an intimate gesture.  

But I have to say this again in case you weren't listening the first time: this is NOT, nor is ever used, by me as a bribe.


Oh, this can't be good...Fenny and Flash are growing horns.

Cows aren't supposed to have horns.  My neighbours cows don't have horns neither does my neighbour to the other side or the one behind.

But there you go, bloody mine are.

Now, what the hell am I supposed to do?


Missy was happy to see me today.  Well, not estastic as such but you know, weirdly pleased.  She was like, You're here... you still like me... 


So, we just kind of moved on.  She started doing her Clair-olfactory stuff and we chatted about me being too wet.  I alreay knew that, I wasn't careful, had too much dairy then had some more, and Boom! super wet and need to see the ear person.  Bloody annoying.

So, because my balance was not right, we couldn't go do stuff so just had a chit chat, had some grass and built on our foundation.  It was still cool.  

I'll be totally back in balance within 24 hours though so, you know, maybe I was going too fast and we both needed time to breathe.

And talking about that, I am having the worst nightmares.  And not just once every couple of days.  I mean, I'm going to sleep, having a nightmare, waking up, catching my breath, going back to sleep and then having another one.  I have no idea what's going on because I have never had them this bad or for them to go on for so long.

In having said that though, they're all random with outside people - some I know, some I don't - and it is taking everything I have not to text those I know in the morning and go, Look... but I have to remember that:

a) it's not my business and

b) refer to a

Not.  My.  Business.  

The first Spiritual law.  Don't poke your nose in places or pass information on where it has not been asked to enter.

I hope this passes soon though.

But I'm giving you the wrong idea and I don't want you worrying that I'm having bad dreams about you.  However, it's like I'm walking into these really horrible situations and they are so completely random that there's no way that they are stuff I could personally be worried about.  Just trust me on this.  But they're not right.  I'm walking along, open a door, then Boom! I'm seeing people's deepest, shadow and most darkest places in fantastical technicolour glory.  

I truly hope not is all I can say.

But we are in the month of the Scorpio which talks of witches and magick and is the time when the veil between this world and the next is at it's thinnest.  


Apparently most cows have horns.

Now, I find this out...


Found new ear lady so didn't have to drive 1 1/2 hours to old one which was good considering she wasn't working today.  Although the 20 million phone calls pre that to find one closer were not helpful.  

I can't do today but how about Wednesday next week?  I mean, seriously, how do you explain to a non ear person that, I have 48 hours before I'm laid up in bed vomiting my a** off so no, 10 days away is not ok.

Guess I still need to work on my people skills.

But new ear lady is lovely, I said, Hi, how you doing?  and she went, Oh, you were deaf as a child.

I just stared at her and she laughed and said, I've been doing this a long time, Tania.  A child who's been deaf pronounces their words differently.  

Ok, well, at least I know I've got a good ear girl.

And 15 minutes later I was full of the joy of life again and my body will be completely balanced within a day.  A freaking awesome end result.

So, that's been our week, weird by any standards you choose to judge us on.  However, there has been some beautiful sunshine so inbetween everything else Caps, Az, the little ones and moi have all taken off jackets and clothes and bathed in the sun or rolled in mud.

Take your pleasures where you can, baby.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Buzz, Fenny and Flash


But I can't help telling a woman when she is about to get pregnant.  She stands in front of me and has this glow which starts pulsating from her.  Oh c'mon now, I'm human not perfect.

** This blog was weird this week.  I wrote it then changed it because I didn't think you would be interested in my nightmares and ears and stuff but anyway, I went back to check it the next day and Hello! the original blog was there not the saved version.  

So, I was like, Ok, then.  You might not want to hear but Spirit absolutely want me to write about it.

*** We have had ten (10) lightbulbs blow this week.  Different styles, different voltage, different rooms.

Definitely the month of Spirit.