Horse Sense....


I LOVE Fenny!

Not only is she super cute, but she's so tiny.  I mean, when I take Caps through their paddock to go out Fenny just stands there looking at him in awe, Whooo...he's huge, Tania.  

Caps also loves being looked at in awe so stands at full height and puts his nose in the air so somehow manages to still look taller than what he is.

And gives a little tail swish.

Chew on the other hand has taken Caps idea of discipline onboard and when he goes into the calf paddock he runs in shaking his head, doing a flick, kick and buck and absolutely terrifies the calves.  

I've tried to explain to them that they will grow way, way bigger than Chew but as I'm writing this, Chew has everyone thinking he's boss. 

Go, Chew!


A girlfriend came over for lunch today and as per normal, we had a great time.  But we started talking about my work and in particular opening the horse/human door and she brought up a really valid point, mainly being, no one really knows what this is.  This was weird considering she has known me from the very first time I got involved with the horses at the stables - about 4 years give or take.  

And her main point was, We all knew what the horses were like when you got them, and then we saw what they were like after but never once did we see you work.  

Hmmmmmm...that's accurate.  Ish.

Because I don't use tricks.  I don't come under any real qualifications or recognized way of working and...ok, fine, I suppose you could say that I never look as if I'm doing anything.

But that's not true.  Energy just doesn't need any bells and whistles, tricks or show ponies (literally or figuratively).

However, you and I have a perfect opportunity right now to talk about my work because we've just started working with Missy, so I can take you through our process.  Step by step and then you can make your own decision around everything.

First off, I didn't realize I had steps.  Apparently, I do because I'm recognizing the patterns I use and it goes like this:

1) Touch. I always touch my horses.  To get them used to me and my Energy but to get the Energy flowing between us.  I always start with this no matter what and for the first week or two this is all I do.  

2) I count.  This is most probably the most important part of opening the door.  I do this for two reasons:  The first being my horse needs to participate with me so I count 5 steps to grass.  We walk around, then count 5 steps.  You think horses don't understand?  Try it.  You will know pretty damn quick your horse knows exactly what you are talking about.  It's an easy and fun way to start the communication flowing.

Secondly, I use the 1...2... method.  This is super important because it keeps us safe.  When we are all relaxed and just hanging out I tuck myself into a horse, preferably into their tummy on the left hand side, if that is not suitable then I tuck myself into their left shoulder.  Body to body, like glue.  And then I start counting 1...2...1...2...1...2... Not only does it keep us safe when they are feeling fearful, unsafe, insecure etc but it connects us in.  

Our first choice to be together.

It is a really interesting time doing this though because it is a place of trust.  You are asking your horse to trust you to look after them.  It is also a really vulnerable time for them and you have to bring you best game.  To voluntarily walk into the Stillness and stand there, soul to soul, with your horse.  

It's a really fun place though because you are literally hearing, touching and tasting the Energy move through and between the two of you like electrical currents.

And is the start of being as one with your horse.  The very beginning of your horse anticipating your movement.  But it's not anticipating it is using the Clair-senses and particularly the Clairsensory one.

Click in Click on.

3) Next you need to be aware of the people you introduce to your horse.  This is always a real biggie for me and you always see me stand between any human and my horse because I am directing the Energy.  To make sure that my horse is making the right choice.  What I mean by this is you wouldn't let your toddler hang round a badly behaved toddler.  Same thing.  Direct the Energy in the right channel.  But I don't mean that other people are bad but they will have fear, insecurities, worries and/or addictions or base Energy.  I don't want that round my horse.  I want my horse focussed.  So, I'm really anal about keeping people away until the door is open to make sure the door opens...but in the right way.  This time doesn't last too long though as once a horse hears it can hear everything but I want the horse to listen and tune in only to his or her trainer (I'm the link not the trainer) and not really worry too much about anyone else.  

4) Next the horse starts asking for participation from me.  I hear you, can you hear me?  Often the horse doesn't understand the level of sound so sometimes talks too loudly or gets a bit stroppy when they tell me something.  And I can understand that, I don't like it when people don't listen when I talk either.

And that's where Missy and I are up to right now.  I'm asking her to participate and she's thinking about it.   

She tells me her Grandmother talked of people like me though.  But then went silent. 

I wish I'd been there to hear the end of that conversation.

However, by rights she shouldn't even have known her Grandmother but that's a human limitation again.  She has told me and that is enough right now.

But you know, as much as I love talking with the horses, I'm taking a real risk talking to you about it.  Well, not you per se because you and I are cool but other humans work on fear, ignorance and negativity and if I don't speak about this then I can slide under the radar and keep doing it.

Just me and the horses. 

And part of me does want to do that.  Just shut the f*k up and do it quietly.  No stress, no drama, no conflict.  Because life's good.  I have lots of horse people that I speak with now.  Guys are finding me really attractive at the moment because I'm getting loads of offers of dates, lots of offers of s*x (although to be fair I'm aways getting offered a shag), the odd offer of a relationship which is nice, and life overall is flowing nicely.

So, it's super difficult right now to go, Yeah, that's all great outside stuff but I want to talk about the inside stuff.  The horses.  The way we are. The way we really are and how f*cking amazing and magical it is.

So, that's where I'm standing right now.  I can't not talk to you about this because well, you know me and the way I roll, but I understand there are risks if I keep talking.  I mean, I'm not too worried about whether humans like me or not as I already have friends and as much as the guy interest is nice, it is really of no consequence but it would totally upset me if I couldn't go visiting and talk to the horses and that's the part which is freaking me out.  

My shadow self is saying, If I don't talk about it, then I'm not doing it, no one will get upset and I, us, we can just fly under the radar. 

But my Soul self knows better.  My Soul self knows my Truth and that for me to keep on being happy I have to keep walking that yellow brick road.  

My Soul self knows this.  

Spirit also know this and I think if you were physically here with me right now, you too, would say the same thing...Stop being a baby. Put your big girl pants on and just get the f*k on with it.

Good advice, 99.  

I need to go back and talk to Missy about Grandma though because I can't get over, under or round this.

Something's bugging me about this, there must be a link I'm missing.


And back to the calves...the young one's bull is HUGE.  And disrespectful.  Rude and generally disagreeable.  I mean, seriously, mine (Fenny and Flash) are gorgeous.  Well mannered, well-behaved, come when called, hang out with me and generally chit chat about things.  Buzz does not do this.  A good day is when he doesn't try and sh*te on me.  Or Fenny.  Or Flash.  

Flash seems to be in the firing line (s'cuse the pun) at the moment though and every morning I go out she seems to have fresh sh*te over her.  

Yes, over.

This is not including him coming up behind me, knocking me behind my knees which almost takes me to my knees, standing next to me and leaning so close I lose my balance not to mention, nudging and pushing me.  And his horns are growing rapidly which I am not enjoying.  He's a bloody menace without horns so I can only guess at the chaos and mayhem to come with them. 

Bad, bad Buzz.  

And the only reason I am not looking at him as homekill is because he's so bloody bad tempered the meat will be chewy and tough.  Don't think I haven't thought about it though.

Caps is happy.

Az is super happy.

Ralph and Chew are mostly happy depending on whether Az is keeping himself amused by chasing them round the paddock.


Az loves banana skins (cut top and bottom off) and wolfs them down.  He also loves mandarins skins and especially the ones with the mandarin still inside.  I cut them in squares for them.  Caps sort of likes mandarins and skins etc but I'm unsure whether he actually likes them or just eats them because Az wants to.  

Nobody likes beans.


Ok, so the next part once Missy has decided to partner with me, and she has, is active participation.

I know.  How cool!

And it goes like this...When I go into her paddock to get her, I greet her as per normal, ask how she is and then she does her Clair-olfactory thing.  As you remember us talking months ago about this, this is when your horse and in this case, Missy, smells around my body to see where my hormones are, if I knocked a bone or muscle out or if there is a weakness showing.  I'd made some new It's healthy and very little sugar treat for the young one yesterday, it was great so the young one encouraged me to eat some.  It was delicious and Hello! we know how this ends.  Moi ate more than she should have, I reacted to something in there and my hormones were all over the bloody place this morning.  I knew I should have just had the bloody chocolate.

Anyway, moving right along, my Energy was too weirdly alert to take her out of her paddock so she just did her Clair-olfactory thing and tut tutted all round the place.  So, our conversation went like this...

Your tummy's out.

Yes, you're right, my tummy is out.  And explained why and then why we couldn't go out of the paddock.  She then tut tutted about food, being more careful, the link between tummy and emotions and told me to not be so careless.

She then checked knees (not too happy about those either) back, neck, etc and as we talked she picked up different things.  Correct, clever girl and then I would explain what was happening to have thrown that particular part of my body out.  

So, even though we were in the paddock, we were able to connect in another way today.  I picked grass which was just outside her reach and fed her.  This is a lovely Energy to work with.  I've never found a horse to bite because I hand feed them, in fact, it encourages amazingly good behaviour.  Mostly because I spend the time connecting in before we do this and it's never as encouragement to do something.  Or to make them like me.  It's a purely pleasure behaviour.  I would like to do something for you and somehow the horses know this.  But I don't do it for every horse I meet.

So, Missy is now obviously greeting me, Clair-olfactory's me, participates, listens and is starting to freely talk.  And talking about that from the very first minute I meet a horse I introduce myself by name and never ever stop physically talking with them.  I always compliment them, I always ask about their day and if they are a little non-communicative I talk about my day until they find their voice.  And they always do. 

Actually, now I'm talking about that I saw one of my old horses yesterday.  We couldn't talk much but it was enough and he was happy to see me.  I said I'd watch out for him more and to make sure I always said, Hello!  

It's good to catch up with old friends.  

Missy and I are now also talking days and times.  I will be here on Friday.  Today is Wednesday, count with me..Wednesday (today), Thursday, Friday... or I will be here at 10.30 tomorrow.  

And I am.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Ralph, Chew, Az, Buzz, Fenny, Flash.