Horse Sense....


I can't believe how busy it's getting here.

But not crazy busy like it has been, but rather soul connected and contented busy.

Mostly because I've had to make some choices, take some risks and let go.  Let me explain:

I had to decide whether I was getting a foal or not.  I decided not and the reason for this is simple.  I love working with the horse/human door, particularly opening it but I don't have a lot of interest after that.  I don't have a huge interest in doing shows apart from showcasing how well a horse works when the horse/human door opens but getting ribbons holds absolutely no interest for me.

However, I would do anything to open the door.  

So, there wasn't any point in getting a foal apart from cuteness value.  So, working on the basis that I only want to work with the horse/human door I took a look around me and I have contact with lots of horses - and 2 in particular I wish to work the door with.  So, I went to see them.  One is easy as and it's just getting the communication flowing freely.  We haven't got the talking right.  We do, then I leave and don't see him and then we don't.  So, I need to work in a clearer way and see him more for the time being until we have the mojo going.  

My next adventure is a little Missy that spoke to me the very first time I saw her.  She's beautiful and professional.  Her job is to be a pro.  I've wanted to work with her for ages but a) she is very expensive b) how do you rock up and say, Hey, I want to work with your horse and c) well, refer to b.  That's been my biggest issue.  However, realizing that if I couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't have a foal she was my top choice so I put on my big girl pants and asked to see her.  About 4 ish times a week.  It was a Yes! and I'm super stoked.  

We've started hanging out - just a couple of times as I'm writing this but when I start with a horse it's hard work for them.  They have the knowledge but like everything if you do not consistently work at something it stagnates.  Think going to the gym.  Well, it's the same thing.  The horses are born with the ability but if it is not nurtured then the door shuts.  Like human children.  Same thing.

So, reopening it needs to be done gently.  It needs to be called, like a soft whisper and a caress.  Touching, teasing, tempting and calling. I have high hopes though because already she is talking.  Not chatting like Caps but brief words telling me where to be careful.  And she's curious.  It should only be a couple of weeks before I start seeing results but what I have spoken to about with her person has already been taken on and there are positive changes showing even now.  I'm really excited.  There is nothing in this world that compares to this magic.  I have to make sure that I don't rush this process though, to remember that we have time.  

Manana - time has no meaning 

Poco poco - little by little.

An interesting side effect has happened though which is, I find it really hard to come down from this beautifully clear Energy frequency.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, it's wonderful but I'm finding that dealing with negative Energy is much harder afterwards.  So, there's been lots of changes in plans.  Partly, I've bailed on things because working with this Energy is taking me back to the Stillness and that's a place I'm happy and comfortable with and the rest is I just can't deal with loads of people.  The Energy gets too loud for me and if there is alcohol involved it literally does my head in.  It's like every negative or base Energy thought you think starts screaming at me.  

I mean, I've never really been a girl who is into, He f*ks like a porn star think more 9 1/2 weeks (if you have to Google this then we're just...well, let's just say you and I are a no) anyway, I'm finding it hard so unless I am with people who I know have my back and understand my quirks I'm choosing to just hang with my horses at home and catch some sun.  Naughty I know, but the Energy's just too loud for me and I'm finding crowds of people too overwhelming.   

The funny thing though is that because I'm consciously working with this Energy now I'm able to be kind to myself.  I can throw away all negative and toxic words and phrases and instead I can just relax and not worry about trying to be someone I'm not.  

What does this mean in layman's terms?

That I'm good and strong and happy and fine but unless I feel emotionally safe and secure going to a social event I'm invited to, I don't go.

But guess what?  

I don't have to.

Anyway, it's no big deal, the horses understand.


Talking of my darlings, after Az opened the gate for Caps they were galloping up and down and Caps hurt his knee again.  I've video'd it on Insta with him limping and I'll video it every day until he's better.  I love showing you how I work, yes, it's different but different is just that, different.

But I'm all for the horses, for their comfort, freedom and security with as little medication as possible and as much love as they can handle and what I've found is that when I share how I work then other alternative people share how they work and I'm able to add to our repertoire.

To fine tune, polish and make our good relationship, great.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Buzz, Flash and Fenny.


Missy's started participating with me.  I drove in today and she pretended she didn't see me, she didn't move one hair in her tail nor twitch one ear but next minute she was at the gate waiting.  It's so cute.  I see you but I'm pretending not to.  Do you see me?  later she was, What are you doing?  That's horse stuff... 

I think she's going to be amazing.  

** My boy on the other hand when I popped in to see him was like, Oh no you don't, no witchy hands today, Missy... and trotted round the paddock just out of reach.  


That certainly wasn't what he said last week.


*** Missy started counting today.