Horse Sense....


It’s been pretty crazy here.

I know!  As if last week wasn’t it’s own kind of crazy.

But anyway, Sequoia has found her person.  “A" and her trainer flew up to see her and it was literally a match made in heaven.  “A" adores Missy and the feeling seems to be mutual.  So, Sequoia is now on her way to her new home in Christchurch.  She tells me that she is excited.

And on other exciting news, the little ones and I are being invited to lots of places now.  People are seeing how intuitive they are and everything seems to be falling into place.  So, because we’re going places where we are coming across lots of different things we have now started walking up the road.  We’re going to places where there are lots of people, lots of noise, lots of sudden movement and unusual things so walking up the road where there are sheeps, goats, ducks, chickens, cars, motorbikes and trucks is good for them to get used to.  I started with Ralph today and when I got back Chew was like, Where did you go and why did you leave me behind? 

There was also a conversation about a new, super cool venture or should I say adventure for them but it’s only in a "wouldn't it be great, they would be perfect"“ stage rather than anything concrete but you know, from my lips to Spirits ears.  I have tingly hands around it so feel that it may come to fruition.  Twice it has come up now so fingers crossed.  

Az is wanting to do more work so I need to organise some training for him.

Caps is wanting to do something but not too much if you know what I mean.  He doesn’t wish to be stressed out but more of a casual kind of acquaintance type of thing.  Something which he finds interesting but under no circumstances is there to be any stress.  I’ll think on this and see what I can do.  

Three foals have presented themselves to me and I am seriously contemplating them.  Not all, just one.  I’ll leave it in Spirits hands because it looks like I am about to get some serious kind of busy but you know, I love having a little or rescue one to fuss over. When I’m not working with a new horse opening their horse/human door I kind of feel a little bit lost.   As if I’m not quite doing what I should be doing even though the process is slow and you can’t rush it.  

And talking about that, I saw some of my outside horses today.  That’s always fun.  It’s funny because now some call when they see me, they chat away, sometimes just catching me up on stuff but today one of my girls was like, Hi Tania, over here... then after we had had a bit of a chit chat she was like, Look.. and then lifted her hoof and delicately showed me her leg. 

I kidd you not, hand on heart, true story.

But talking about that do you remember me ages ago saying that sometimes when I'm with the horses, I'm on another frequency and I literally can't hear humans.  Well, it's happening again.  I think it's because when I'm with my own horses our frequency is the same so I can happily live with one foot in one frequency and one hoof in another and it's fine.  What I'm finding at the moment though is when I first go into my professional stables  I often can't hear the humans.  It's like I walk into the stables and start hearing the horses.  Which is kind of cool but also a bit unfortunate because the humans are talking with me and I can see their lips move but it's literally white noise, I can't make head nor tail out of the words.  So, I'm consistently asking people to repeat themselves.  It's challenging to say the least.  I think more so because I'm not consciously going into hoof language so don't realize that I have to flick back to human until I literally can't hear them.  I don't want to play round with it too much though in case I stop being able to hear the horses.  I think I'll just live with people thinking I'm a blonde with hearing issues and not very bright.


And back to the races tonight.  I love harness.  I'm lucky, harness love me back.


A Psychic living with a Scientist is uber interesting.  Teaching Energy is a whole new kettle of fish to living it.  I listen then adapt accordingly to my mood, monthly cycle, weather and/or moon.  The young one looks at facts.  Facts are nice however, you can't fact Energy.  You can only live it.  

So, the young one is living the Healthy body, healthy mind philosophy and definitely sits on the side of very, very little sugar.  He talks of cravings and control and keeping the body at maximum productivity and is totally against my one bar of chocolate per day belief system.  I talk of Listening to the Energy and being as one with your Universe and always, always have chocolate within reaching distance. 

So, we're two people who love and respect each other trying to teach the other one our own brand of magic.   But trying to explain via words has been challenging.   One of our conversations went like this:

There's one day (of a potential three) in the month where my Energy is more, ummmm...fragile.  So, chocolate will be a bigger part of my food intake that day.


Think anxiety but not.  But that's the closest word I can use to describe it.


Do you mean you have more cravings than normal or that you are intolerant of other people?  

Neither. I mean the sound of the world is turned up.  

We're both learning.


Went to see the gypsies yesterday and it was uber cool as per usual.  I am a total advocate of horses in herds as they make for beautiful natured horses, maybe because of the heirachy.  It's very much like a human family.  Lots of love, discipline and everyone has their place.  There's nothing like being with the horses though when they run free.  It's liberating and opens your heart.

As we travelled round seeing the horses, I met Big Red who claimed me, which was sweet.  I love it when a horse does that.  

Red would like to come and live with me however, I'm already Caps person.  As he is mine and I will not bring in another horse which will cause issues with that.  

However, putting Red to the side for the time being, I always come back with great ideas, new thought patterns, a stepping outside the box mentality and having had my beliefs challenged.

The way every day should be.

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Buzz, Fenny and Flash


It's driving the young one nuts.  I'm coming in under my calories every day, completely blitzing my (supposed) sugar intake and still losing weight.  My beautiful Scientist is having to open his mind to yin/yang, hot and cold foods, Is coconut oil really the same as olive oil? Can the same type of oil cause one person to put on weight while another similar but different, oil cause you to lose and Does Blood type really make a difference to your food?  

And most importantly, how to listen to the whispers of the Earth, the whooshing your body makes as the Energy flows through it...and then adapt.

Moi is learning that chocolate is not an actual food group.

** Caps loves having the young one home.  I get home from trials (which were super cool) and Caps is in the bottom paddock having the best fun rarking everyone up galloping up the hill again.  Apparently, he just looks at the young one with his big brown eyes and the young one feeds him more because he looks hungry or opens gates for him.  

I'm like, Really?

Actually, it works out today's culprit is not the young one.  But gate definitely opened when I was out.