Horse Sense....


Well, if you've been following us on Insta bad things have been happening to Harriet.  Very, very bad things.

One minute she was fine and then she wasn't.

Badly wasn't.

So, as I'm writing this, she is all tucked up in a duvet not moving.  No, not dead not moving rather comastose not moving.  I know, tomatoes tomatoes.  So, I've dosed her up on Vitamin C.  I use it myself when I need a big dose of warrior to combat sneezes, coughs, cold and want to be flu's.  My girlfriend down the line gives it to her horses for the same reason so I thought, Why not, Harriet?  

So, as I'm writing this I've just dosed her for the second time and will dose her again about 2 or 3am.  I am hesitant to say she is better because, well, let's face it, I've said this before and look, here we are, but seriously, I am hoping she won't die.  Mostly for her but also because I will be crucified if she does.  I chose not to call a Vet and there will be repercussions from that choice.  Because let's face it, at the exact moment I chose to Insta her and our journey I crossed a line and now, for better or worse, I can't uncross it.  No matter what happens.  Let's just hope that it's a good end result.  


You know, I've been thinking about one of my old Healers and a particular conversation we had one day about calling the sickness out and it went like this...

You know, you need to be really sure before you start calling because it gets a bit hard.  You will start off and it's fine and you're in control and then you won't be, and you'll want to stop.  Walk away, choose another path, just not continue but I'm telling you now that you can't.  It's like an avalanche.  You can start the process but then you can't control it, all you can do is ride it through to the end.  So, you need to make sure, really sure before you start that you can do this.  


I always forget the scary bit.


Ok, got to say I'm seriously underwhelmed right now.  It's 11.10pm on a Friday night and I've just got back from dinner which at best was crap.  The service was atrocious, the food was bad, actually, that's not true.  The two plates of food that turned up were good, the pancakes would have been nice if they had come with the duck, although giving me pancakes and then saying, If you would like the duck, madam it will cost you an extra $60 did not improve my mood.  And my car got towed. The company was good though and there was a few laughs but even so, an hour and a half of trying to get a waiters attention, beans and squid and $330 later is not what I call a successful night.  

And then I get home and Harriets a little quiet.  Ok, fine, very.  

I'm not happy.

On a positive note the Energy has to break.  Harriet either has to get better or die.  She can't do another 24 hours like this.

I'm shutting the house down for the weekend, I'm tired of people and their base Energy way and want to spend time with my horses.


It's raining with the talk of thunderstorms and lightning for the third day in a row.  About to go see Harriet.  Fingers crossed.

Well, that sux.  

Harriet just died on me.


Ok, she's still warm and rigor hasn't set in yet.  

Bastard.  Bastard.  Bastard.  Bastard.


Ok, so the young one and I spent the day together.  He was really supportive and was overly generous with his hugs, love, kindness and brownies.  And time.  Because we then spent the afternoon completely mucking out and redoing stall again.  We then moved Harriet so she didn't get cold or wet. She is not buried yet as I wouldn't let the young one bury her until rigor had set in and it took forever.  It could be because I wouldn't remove the duvet.

But right about now I wish that I could go back and rewrite this blog.  That I could lie and say that I had called a vet, given her medicine and she still died.  

But you deserve better than that.  Spirit deserve better than that and I'm a better person than that.  So, the way I've written the blog, is the way it will stay.

And I took you on this journey so I could show you how I work and for better or worse, that's what I did this week.  I took you by the hand and welcomed you into my world.  My actual world and I don't regret that.  

I also don't regret not calling a vet.  I don't believe in medication, I personally never use any and haven't for I don't know how many years.  And I'm never sick.  No, colds, no flu's, no sniffle, nothing.  The young one was also never raised with Doctors and was very rarely sick and we don't keep painkillers in our home.  

Because we don't need them.

I also never use medication with my horses because I keep them at a good level of health.  I remove blockages before they cause problems or fix them asap I know they arrive.  

I live on a daily basis, my belief that you consistently check in with the Energy, listen to the Energy and then adapt, and by living like this you very rarely get sick.  However, if by some chance you do then you check in, listen and then call the sickness out of a body.

I know though that when you call the sickness there's a risk because the sickness will always answer.  And it's powerful if you don't know how to call it properly or stop half way through.  But if you watch the video's on Inst you see Harriets and my journey.  You see the sickness travel.  You see the times we got it right.  You also see when we ran into trouble.  Then got out of it.  Then didn't.

Do I think Harriet had scours?  No.  I don't.  The sickness went deeper than that.  It didn't have the symptoms of it.  First it did, then it didn't.  So, the sickness went deeper than that.

You see when I spoke of Death and the time he walked away.  

Also, the time that he didn't.

What would I do different?

You mean, do I regret using Vitamin C?  Hell no.  It's brilliant.  If you don't believe me, Google it.  Or ask your Vet.

I would have used it earlier.  I also, would have done little feeds more often.  I also would have brought Harriet up to the house last night.  I thought about it but believed that being surrounded with the other calves would work better.  Maybe it did.  

Am I sorry I shared my and Harriets journey with you?  No.  

Am I sorry that I shared my Healing world with you?  Definitely not.  It's cool.  And I want to share it with you.  I want you too, to see the magic.  And in your own way, you did.  What you make of what you saw is up to you and not really my business.  

But I guess what you want to know is this... 

Knowing what I know now would I still write this exact blog?  Yes.  The end result of Harriet dying was never what I wanted and I'm heartsore about that but to deny who I am and how I work is to deny Spirit and the gift I was given.  

And for me to deny Spirit, I make myself less and ultimately, in a weird ass kind of way you, too. 

For better or worse, what we've got is what we have.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia, Ralph, Chew, Az, Buzz, Harriet (RIP), Fenny and Flash.