Horse Sense....


Ok, so hands on heart, I can say that things are going well.  I would say, brilliantly but I don't believe in pushing my luck.

Harriet is good and keeps on getting better however as we both know that can change very quickly, Ralph is happy, Chew is happy but is trying to get into new paddock to see cows.  Az is fine but trying to go for Number 1 horse which Caps is just keeping and talking of Caps, he is well.

I learnt from Harriet that touch will work but I have to be very careful not to take on the sickness myself.  That at certain times of my cycle I am more vulnerable to the sickness I'm fixing (Sequoia already would have known that) which makes for a very uncomfortable night.  I am now aware of this though and will make sure that it doesn't happen again.  A rookie mistake if you will.  Interestingly enough though, I never pick up the sickness from the horses.  I think because Harriet is so small I didn't respect enough how I was working.  It was weird, I didn't feel sick the next day though it was literally just a physical reaction.  However, I'm not cancelling out that it was a blockage on my side that needed to come out and as I worked with Harriet a carry on effect was that it removed my blockage.  

Caps knee is still not 100% so we're about 3 days more than normal for fixing.  It's about 92% so not too bad.  I think it was because I freaked out a bit about the abscess vs knee scenario and with Harriet I did a couple less Miri Miri's than I would have.  

So, I've decided to change things round a bit which means that I've videoed the sickness of Harriet every day until it is fixed and I've decided to do the same with Caps knee the next time it happens.  

It's hard to video the Miri's because I am normally by myself but I will video as I see the Energy around Caps knee go out and you and I can watch the process.  Part of me is, People could be mean and judgemental but realistically, it's just you and I and we're ok.  And it's a really interesing process to watch.


As you can see on Insta, Harriet is doing great.  Well, noticeably better.


Caps is sulking.  

I can understand that, I would have the hump with me as well.  So, now everything has quietened down a bit I'm able to spend a little time with him.  Not a huge amount of time, a teensy bit.  So, we've spent it with me giving him ear massages.  He loves getting his ear massaged.  Blown into, rubbed and generally played round with.  

But he was smelling me, so he knows that me not spending time with him was not intentional.

Az is also particularly well-behaved.  That has surprised me.  The saddle we were given doesn't fit so we've been trying on all other kinds of saddles and he comes up, just stands there and then hangs out with the calves.  

Ralph and Chew want to play with the calves but the weather is good then not good so I'm trying to find a day where covers can come off and everyone can frolick around.

What has been interesting though is that me being a Psychic and the young one being a Scientist we have very different ways of calf rearing.  So, since we share the same calf accomodation, conversations are a bit odd.  

What thought process did you use to come to this decision?  (obviously not me)

It smelt different or I heard the Energy change or Harriet asked me to touch her or I saw the way Fenny walked. (obviously not the young one).  

In fact, on a similiar but different note, I was having a completely random conversation with an acquaintance the other day where it was mentioned, No one speaks like that.  Ummmm, excuse me...

But all jokes aside it's been a really interesting week.  

And no one died.

Go me!

* Oh, almost forgot, the young one's reply was, I am a Scientist and I'm not happy with this decision because... and then talks about chemical reactions, why's and wherefore's and I totally respect that too, so we find our way.  A new way.  This is also the first time that the young one has seen me work in that pure, soul way of mine.  To hear Energy, see it then play with it.  Really play with it.

It's also the first time he has seen Death stand with me.  So, he has also learnt that just because Death visits he doesn't always take.  That you can have a conversation.  No, not make a deal, a conversation.  

The young one's learning, in his own way, magic.

There is the theory though that Science and magic have always walked hand in hand.  Maybe it's ture.  Look at the pyramids.

** Thank you Hannah and Luke who are Friends of Harriet and been super supportive of us.

*** OMFG a bloody stoats moved in.  It's competely freaking me out and if you don't believe me...



Ok, not actual stoat at home...

Most common phrase in our home is now, Have you killed the stoat yet?

I'm not killing the stoat.

**** August has been forever renamed, Month of the Gremlin.

***** The young one was right.  Harriet got a chemical reaction.

****** We think that Sequoia has found her person.  A lovely Natural Horsemanship lady who has her own Natural Horesmanship trainer and has just come back from Colarado where she was doing a two week Natural Horsemanship course.  The trainer and her are flying up to see Sequoia.  Wish everyone luck.  

I will try my very, very hardest not to be difficult, demanding, bossy or cry when I meet them.  Actually, maybe you better wish me luck.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia, Ralph, Chew, Az, Buzz, Harriet, Fenny and Flash