Horse Sense....


So, I was about to write about how super well-behaved the mini's had been.  

That they come when called (that alone should have made me suspicious) and put themselves to bed at night.  Don't even look at the new gate and generally are a real pleasure to be around.  

That was the plan, the reality was slightly different...

Well, the young one went out, put the gate back up after he drove out, and there I was in the kitchen feeling very pleased with myself for having organised an hour of uninterrupted peace and quiet with everyone fed, watered, paddocked and patted.

Until I saw a puff of blonde. 

Weird, I thought, that looks like Ralph.

But still sitting in, I have a free hour land I put it out of my mind.  Then the young one popped back home, he had forgotten something and Hello! I looked over and Ralph was actually outside.  Then I looked over and Chew was also there.  Apparently, they had decided they had had enough of being in the paddock and wanted to hang out at the house again so Chew had popped the hook in their paddock and there they were.  

I told the young one not to run them over when he came home.

Pick your battles, baby.

And talking about that, we have a beautiful new fence.

It's strong, straight and hot.

Go us!  Well, actually that might be a little optimistic.  Think more...

Is that the way I showed you?

Don't growl at me.  I'm a Psychic.  I deal with feelings and emotions and this (tap tap plastic thing on fence post) is not.

You have to learn how to do this.

I'm trying.  But know...

What's this for?

I don't know, the man that sold it to me just told me I needed it.

At this the young one glared at me and made me put the hammer down.

Yeah, you get the gist.  However, fence did eventually get done and it totally rocks.





New spring gate.  Totally awesome.

And on a totally same but different topic.  If we get lazy and keep the fence down the Energy rushes down our road and instead of turning the corner and continuing like it should it instead rushes into our home causing all sorts of chaos and mayhem but as soon as electric gate is up and stays up, the Energy quietens down again and it is peaceful once more.  

I've never lived in a home like this before.  Totally cool once I got the hang of it's Energy.


He's a sh*te.  

No, really.  Take a gander...




Last time we spoke Chew and Ralph were outside paddock.  But apparently Chew has found a way to not just open arena gate but is slowly working his way through all the gates.  

I knew he was too well behaved.

So, Chew just chooses where him and Ralph would like to be, (actually, Chew just decides and Ralph follows) and then he positions himself there.  And for the life of me I have no idea how he is doing it.

Chew 10, Tania 0.

And Caps knee has gone out again, I told you it would.  

Hoon...hoon...hoon...hoon...splosh, split , ouch.


I decided to put a bandage on him this time to see if it would be a better support while the Miri Miri worked...



Caps was not uber impressed though as he kept trying to run away as I was doing it.  However, a 15 and a half, 900 kg, 3 working legged horse trying to out run me was just not a happening thing.  So, as you can see he got bandaged.

I'm not sure that it will work but I'm going to give it a go.


Oh f*k, I’ve killed Harriet.

No, wait, she’s alive just playing dead.  Sort of.

Well, she’s alive but she’s in trouble.  Her tongue is blue and she has the runs.  And is off her milk and she is always up for milk.  

Sh*te, Sh*te, Sh*te and Sh*te.

I’ve been frantically googling to see what the f*k might be the matter but the best I can come up with is scours.  Or some bloody thing which pretty much means too much runny poo and she’s become dehydrated.

Off to get some electrolytes tomorrow morning and hope like f*k she does’t die in the night.

I’m seriously not happy.


The races were good tonight.  It was odd Energy at first though.  Miscommunication with me thinking I was supposed to be different to where I was, when, but easily sorted out and the rest of the night was good.  My hands ached most of the night, well first they tingled then they pulsated then they ached which always tells me that the Energy is high and someone is calling me.  

Bloody Harriet better not have died on me.

But anyway, I was lucky enough to get down to the stables, they’ve changed the rules now because of OSH and put new people on door standing guard so it’s harder now.

However, not impossible.

Thank you, OSH for telling me again that I can't, as a fully functioning adult (most days) decide what I want to do, when and how.  Bloody do gooders.

Anyhou, moving right along, I was down there like 30 seconds and then the horses were calling.  You know I like people, well some people, ok, fine maybe one or two but it’s horses which soothe my soul.  And I must soothe theirs too, because they love talking to me.  It’s like I’m standing there or walking towards one of my peeps and all of a sudden I’m pulled towards a horse.  And I try not to be, I try to be with the adults but then I find myself away from the adults standing next to a horse, (either one I know or a new one) and we’re talking and touching, laughing and being.  There’s no rhyme nor reason to it but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  

Just got home and I’m too scared to see if Harriet has died on me. But this is always the tricky stage, it’s when I’ve done the very best that I can and now I wait.

* Thank you.  I thought you were hot tonight, too.

Ok, so it’s 3.45 Saturday morning and I’m wide awake.  This is not my perfect time because this is the Death Hour.  The time when the body is at it’s weakest and the door between the two worlds is open the most so if you’re weak, sick or vulnerable this is a a bad time.  And I’m bloody wide awake.  Spirit have called me.

Great.  Pitch bloody black, cold as sh*te and death is lurking.  Some days I really wonder about my life choices.

Anyway, I’m going to make some milk and go see Harriet, if she’s already passed there’s nothing I can do but if she hasn’t she will want the company.


This week has been challenging for me though because Spirit have made me work very hard with Energy.  They’ve been like, Tania! Focus! 

I mean, I’ve seen Sequoia a lot and both keeping the horse/human door open and letting her go emotionally has been odd.  It’s been a healing process for both of us.  

I’ve also had to stand my ground with Energy, to trust it 100% while tuning out the physical words people have spoken.  To listen only to the Energy and consciously respect it, because it is a full and complete language.  To remember that Energy doesn't lie.  

That people do.

Through fear, insecurity, up-to-no-good-ed-ness or at the risk of being vulnerable and made a fool of.

And while I'm on this subject, have you noticed how many people have sore throats and coughs right now?  It's because their heart chakra is out and the heart connects to the throat and the blockages (sore throats, coughs etc) are happening because people are choking on their words.  

They're not speaking their heart.

But anyway, sometimes that has had a heart sore end result.  Seeing something about to happen and not be able to change it is harder than not seeing at all.  

I’ve watched someone start to fall in love with me in a deep soul friendship this could last a long, long time kind of way and I’ve also watched other friendships start to go in different directions.  

I’ve also seen a couple of men stand there and watch me.  Wanting to take that next step into friendship and maybe more but unsure how to or even if they want that commitment.  I always find that slightly odd but on a positive note it is super cute to watch. 

I see you but I'm pretending not to, do you see me?


Actually, now I think about it this week hasn't been hard as such, just different and I’ve had to dig deep. 

Very, very deep.

Took bandage off.  It didn't seem to work any better than no bandage and people kept texting me because he was hopping round paddock. Thank you for taking the time to text me though and for caring about Caps welfare.  

** Glasses arrived for driving and reading (books not Spirit) and I'm getting used to them driving.  Most of the time I like them but now having issues when not wearing them but that could be because my eyes are trying to adjust.  Or I need some for my computer work.  Anyway, on a positive note, it's great to be able to see out of my right eye.  

*** OMFG my lovely professional horsey neighbours have turned up to check Caps knee.  He has an abscess.  I am so unbelievably f*cking embarrassed.  But A and G were really lovely to me and then G played around with his hoof and pulled some nasty stuff out.  So, I'm feeling super embarrassed now because I've been talking to you about his knee and our Miri'Miri's.  And now I find out that they have been abscesses.  

The Spiritual part of me is going, Freaking yah!  The Miri's work.  And it's not my business to know the how, why or whether it's an old knee injury or an abcess.  My job as a Healer is to move the Energy, remove the blockage and fix what's broken.  

But that shadow part of me is going, You don't know the difference between a knee and a hoof? 

****Do not, I repeat, do not bet with the young one.  He wins every time.  Every.  Single.  Time.

***** Bloody Chew tried to kill himself last night! I went to feed out this morning and last night some time he got himself caught in one of the haynets.  Not just 1 leg but 3!!! In 3 different holes, multiple times.  The net was wound tight around all three legs and he had fallen over like a trussed chicken and had been stuck in the mud all night, not able to move.  I freaked out because he was cold, cut him out and he still didn't move.  I sat in the mud, massaging him and 20 minutes later this is still him...



Not moving.

Really started freaking out, went to get the young one so he could carry (wheelbarrow) him up to the house where we could sit in the sun, warm ourselves and generally get the Energy moving but by the time we came back he was up and standing.  

Three hours, one bath, 2 snuggles and a HUGE feed later...



****** Oh wait, I almost forgot...



Harriet.  Very, very, very much alive, happy and well.

******  I spoke too soon*******

I have never known a calf to have so little interest in staying alive, than Harriet.

No, seriously.

No interest whatsoever.

I mean, we were doing ok, then we kind of stopped.  She decided she wouldn't drink her full milk again, either had the runs or hard poo which got stuck to her tail and then had a bad habit of falling over if she didn't want to move.

I mean, I couldn't leave her with poo stuck to her bum so I had to get her from calf shelter to tap which is in the big barn.  Used the mini head collar and lead and it sort of fitted and then we started off.  Harriet then decided she didn't want to and fell over.  Literally one minute she was standing up and the next lying horizontal looking at me.  

I freaked out.  Seriously, I don't think my heart can stand the stress of this.  Called the young one and made him carry her to tap.  Well, he sort of carried her, she sort of walked and she sort of got wheelbarrowed.  I started laughing.  Not becaue it was funny but because it was like a comedy of errors.  I mean, sometimes I think I have too close a relationship with Death.  That we're on a first name basis.

But anyhow, she got a new lease of life when she was in the barn and had a bit of a frolick around the place then I tied her up, she didn't like that, so did this twisty type thing...and fell over.  Again.  I thought she'd broken her neck this time.

We got her up and I started cutting all the poo out.  She got a new lease on life and had a bit of a frollick again.  Poo all cut out.  Then the young one said she was cold and, Did I have a towel?  No, it was inside sitting on table so young one went in to get it.  Then I spied Caps neck thing.  You know those neck covers that some horses wear (it came with his jacket) and I thought that it might be useful to keep Harriet warm.  She seemed to like that idea.

Bloody lazy tart, just another reason for her not to use her own Energy to keep warm. 

So, here I am once again talking to you about Death and Healing at 7pm on Wednesday night.  Well, actually, if you want to be literal, I'm trying not to talk about Death and Dying and Healing is just the end result of that.

Harriet is still not feeding, having a few sips but not what she should be.  However, electrolytes in the drinking water so if's she drinking water she's getting what she needs and I've just done a massage (8pm).  I'll do another one before I go to bed and another one in the night if need be. 

Send Harriet your love and lots of kisses.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia, Ralph, Chew, Az, Buzz, Harriet, Flash and Fenny.