Horse Sense....


I've decided to get two calves.  Little ones, ones that need milk.

Two reasons: 

1) The paddocks are amazing when you run both horses and cows and 

2) I want to.

We go calf shopping Saturday.

And Sequoia's training is going amazingly.  She's a clever little girl and I can see what I've done fabulously but I've also seen areas where I can improve with my next one.  Where I can fine tune and polish but overall, I'm pretty stoked.

Az has his first show on Sunday.  He's still dirty as I'm writing this but we hope to have him really clean, ok, maybe noticeably clean, ok fine, clean (ish) by then.  

Caps is happy because he knows he's loved and wanted although he wants a few more cuddles, lots more chips and less rain.

Ooooohhh almost forgot, the mini's got offered a regular gig.


What a crazy day.  

We went calf shopping and ended up bringing home 4.  Photo's up on Insta.  No one has been named yet because inbetween sheep, calves, picking up sheep, carrying calves, floats, being caught in lightning storms (x 2), Mr C coming over to spend time with Az and staying for the weekend, washing  Az (Thank you Hannah), bottle feeding calves, visitors and phone calls, the day and a fair whack of the night disappeared.   And we now have not just one show tomorrow but two.  One in the morning at Pointways and then we're zipping over to Bombay for another.  

So, I'm signing off and going to bed now, calves need to be bottle fed tomorrow before we go to show as well as the horses and we need to be at the show by 7.  That's AM in case you're wondering.

Wish us luck!


It's been another one of those crazy days.  

I swear Spirit were physically walking with us the last two days, because such random things happened.  I mean, first off, the show was awesome and we placed in everything bar 1, photo's and vid's on Insta if you are so inclined.  

Secondly, the calves are happy, which is good considering we're winging it.  But, and get this, I am having complete stangers coming up and actually asking me for cows and literally, this is very odd, like 2 minutes ago we just got given a saddle for Az.  

But the oddness is not even just that.  Everytime I turn around another person is giving emotionally to us in abundance.  And in fact, now I think about it, this started about a month ago.  It's like Spirit said, Here, let us help you... and everything's been done for us.  Not like winning First Division Lotto but like Spirit have literally picked us up and carried us.  It's the only way I can describe it.  You know, I talk about the life set of scales which is always in balance - sometimes they go out a little bit but they always come back and reset themselves if you keep living your belief system, well, this is what happened this weekend but has been happening and I just didn't see it.

But the funny thing is, none of this would have happened if I'd been a mean ass and said, No.  It's like through one random act it changed everything.

Caps is like, Hello....remember me, your TB...

I'm going to sign off here this week, I want to go and talk with Spirit.  No, that's not true, I want to go and sit in the Silence and be as one with them.

We didn't go to Bombay.

** Everyone has their own name now:









*** Jeans on bench have been opened, tried on, I can slither into them but still can't do them up.  They're back sitting on bench.  On a positive note, I am physically working so hard that it is a when not if scenario.

**** The young one and I are playing round with the electric fence to get it working better - smarter not harder if you know what I mean but anyway, the young one was like, I won't get an electric shock, I know what I'm doing.  Buzz....Buzz....Buzz....Buzz...It's kind of funny to see your traits in your kids.

And last but not least...

Missy is jumping.  

Super, super, super proud of her.  

***** Oh wait, almost forgot, the young one has said that he will never, ever, ever do Sugar Free August again.


****** I must be having a blonde moment, I forgot to tell you about everyone's personality.  Fenny loves to chat and cuddle and takes 20 million times longer than everyone else to feed because of this, Flash is highly intelligent and has worked out how to separate herself from the other calves so she can eat in peace, Buzz (who is the young one's calf) and the young one have fallen head over hoof in love with each other and Buzz calls him, talks to him, follows him round like a shadow and has somehow grown a white love heart on his forehead.

And Harriet loves to suck.  

Her bottle if she can but also anyone else's and failing that their ear, my ear, fingers, arms, elbows and butts. 

And she's super, super, super cute. 

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia, Ralph, Chew, Az, Buzz, Harriet, Flash and Fenny