Horse Sense....


Ok, today has been totally out there in it’s weirdness.

We picked up Sequoia today.

On the spur of the moment, I ended up taking a little buddy with me and she was great company.  Trust me, what you don’t find out about someone in a 5 hour road trip is not worth knowing.  But enough of that, we had a great time.

Spent some time with Sequoia and Kirsty and then we came home.

It was only when I went to put Sequoia inside her new interim home that things went a little weird.  All of a sudden I was like, Can you put the dogs away, please, she hasn't been round dogs.  I got a weird look and then realised the reality of what I was doing and freaked out a bit that no one would talk to her.  

But that was just me and my fear talking because the lovely people that are her interim home are super cool and everyone has put things in place to set Sequoia and her new person up for success.  

However, I was then asked to, Put Sequoia in there referring to her stall and when she didn’t wish to, I went all jelly fishy and someone had to do it for me.  I got another slightly odd look but I still thought I was ok.  

But that ended up being untrue because I've just come home and now I’m crying my eyes out.  

Freaking brilliant.  

I’m supposed to be so much braver than this and you know what, I’m so not.  I can't believe how upset I am and it's way too late to cancel the races tonight with my girls as I'm due there in just under 40 minutes.  

I just totally didn’t think I would be standing here...snot central, crying my eyes out, with a red blotchy, puffy face, talking to you.


Bloody This is a really successful end result can kiss my ass.


Thank Spirit for my girls though - they are mighty fine people.  Empowered, strong, nurturing and supportive.  

Thank Spirit for the super cool people I know at the races who always have a hug, a smile and a funny story for me.  I also Thank Spirit that I’m a harness girl and that I know these super cool, good, strong and proud harness men.  Well, actually they’re not always good and they do have the reputation of being a little difficult but you know, what can you do.  As my old Nana used to say, You get what you're given in life, make the best of it.  

And last but not mightly least, Thank Spirit for my son who came out tonight when he heard me come in, gave me a huge hug and let me cry again on his chest.

And very, very lastly, Thank You Spirit for Sequoia.


Sequoia's interim home have already text me this morning with a picture of her all cute and happy.  She's well settled, made friends and has her first person coming to see her tomorrow.  He's a good guy and a great rider and Sequoia likes males so it could quite easily be a fabulous fit.  He also trains under very well known trainers so it will be a very exciting journey for her if it's a match.  

I haven't burst into tears today which is also great.  Well, I hadn't teared up until I started writing about her moving away and starting a new life.  

Without me.

This is not quite working out to be the inspirational horse blog that I wanted to write this week.


Az is trying a run for Number 1 horse but Caps isn't having a bar of it so there's lot of kicking and bucking and dancing going on.

** The mini's and I have been invited to a Don't like humans place.  I'll let you know how it goes and whether we're invited back.  

*** And last but most certainly not least, I've stopped randomly bursting into tears.  Because really there is no need for them.  Everything is perfect and it has literally been a truly blessed time.  I just almost let my human limitations get in the way.  I mean, I expected a good result I just didn't expect this stunningly great end result and it blindsided me.  

So, I'm all good.  However, if you do happen to see me and I do tear up...just give me a hug.

I like hugs.  And horses.  And harness men.

**** Had a text this morning re Missy.  Apparently, she was a bit naughty in training this morning so I went down and saw her this afternoon.  

Correct, she had been and it was totally my fault.  She was not happy with how I had left her on Friday.  I thought I was doing the right thing by leaving without telling her exactly what was happening but it worked out she was a bit upset because she had no idea what was happening.  One minute I was there and the next I was gone.  In my defence, I tried to do the right thing by pretending I wasn't upset but instead managed to upset her because she thought I didn't care.  I can understand that.  We talked today though and she definitely thinks she would like to do comps, she thinks she would like to win ribbons and cups and likes jumping. She also likes the idea of having her own person.  

In hindsight, I really did not do Friday well.  However, in my defence I didn't expect to feel the way I did and did the best that I could at the time.  

I'm going back to watch Missy training tomorrow though.  Hopefully, fingers crossed I can have a vid up on Insta for you guys to see.  No guarantees as Internet has been sporadiac at best over the last 5 days but I'll do my best.

But the vid I saw today was freaking awesome.

You know people keep saying that I need to be hard with the horses but I keep forgetting that it's because I'm not, that we have this magic.

****** Visit went amazingly and we got invited back.  I parked on the wrong side of the road so we had to cross but I watched my little Chew stand at the side of the road, with not a care in the world while a big semi truck whizzed past and he was like, Meh... but it was Ralph who found his person and blew our minds.  Until you see them with their person you just don't believe it but the weird part is you can't try and guess how it will go.  They walk in, smell and then find their person and then neither for love nor money can you get them to change their minds.  No one else exists.  Chew didn't find his person but just hung out and was fine.

I was super proud of them.

Less proud this morning when I let them out for a run, they followed me round for a while and then did the bolt through the electric fence, down the road, stopping traffic, and generally causing chaos, mayhem and mischief.

Really?  I mean, seriously?

And last, but not least...

A vid of Missy is up.   

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia, Ralph, Chew and Az