Horse Sense....


Guess who didn't want to stay in the paddock by himself last night?




The welsh menance.

Now, in his defence he did call me twice.  

The first time he called me, I ignored him as I had just hopped into bed.

So, he waited a minute and then called me again.

Silence again as I was all tucked up in duvets and pillows and was snug as a bug in a rug.

So, I (stupidly) thought that by not answering him that he would understand that I didn't want to talk and that would be the end of it.  However, that wasn't actually the case.

Apparently, he then went, F*k it.  I'll just go up and see her.

Pushed his shoulder against the gate, popped the hook, walked through the gate, navigated the stairs (in the dark) and just stood outside my bedroom waiting for me to wake up.

Scared me half to death when I looked out the window and saw him this morning.

But by the time I was dressed this is how everyone was...



I know!  Super cute!

But it was really interesting.  Az was worried when I first saw him outside the paddock. He knew that he shouldn't have been out even though he knew that it was fine for him to be up by the house, and he was scared of my reaction.  He stood there, held his breath and waited to see if I would yell at him.  I didn't.  I greeted him, asked him what he was doing and then gave him a pat.  I actually watched his Energy change and go, She's not going to yell at me.  And he started breathing again.  

I did put Az back into his paddock tonight though (with bungy cord for good measure) and he was fine with it but then Ralph came over and put himself (and Chew) to bed in the padddock, too.  He was like, It's ok, Az, we'll come and stay with you tonight.  


Az got a growling today.

We only have one rule, do you remember what it is?


There is to be NO galloping around the house.

And Az either forgot or thought he'd see whether I had changed my mind.

That's a No in case you're wondering.

So, after him doing a gallop or three round the house, encouraging Chew to also play and with Ralph following behind going, Wait for me... Az is in time out.  

What I love about him though is that he's clever.  He totally gets why he's in time out and we shouldn't have the same issue again.  You can call him a lot of things but stupid is not one of them.  

Anyway, the paddock was getting a little squishy down in that area so it was time for a change anyway.  The mini's are still out because Ralph wants to be out, he also knows that galloping is not allowed and is sorry.  Chew is pretending he doesn't know me.

Caps is rolling in mud and hooning up and down hills.  Sequoia's in season.


F*k.  Sequoia starts training Friday.

And I'm completely freaking out.  Well, first off, I thought we had heaps of time to get ready and then well, I'm not ready.

Breathe.  Breathe.

But honestly, if I can take myself out of the I'm not ready headspace then we have some really positive things happening.  

First off, if I was going to learn to ride on any horse then Sequoia would be it because: she was raised in a herd, she's had a baby, she's only had one human apart from me (the only other person only had her 24 hours), she's loyal and she's kind, gentle and soft.  Yes, soft.  She has lovely soft Energy.  Her horse/human door is open, she doesn't scare easily and she is willing.  She talks, although we are still to get a daily conversation and general chitchat going but she will throw a daily sentence or two to me and has stopped her almost constant phrase to me of, No good in the bush... which I'm super grateful for.  We are developing trust but as I'm writing this we don't have the trust like I do with Caps and Az.  But I believe that will come.  I see glimpses of it now.  Those moments of 100% togetherness, not all the time but often enough that with time and effort it will be awesome.  

And I love her colour.  She's the colour I've always wanted.

Ok, I'm feeling better.  

And it's true.  If I could hand pick a horse to train and learn with to be my riding partner, it would be Sequoia.  

Guess it's time for me to put my big girl panties on and cowgirl up.  Wish us luck.  And cross your fingers when we drive through Matamata.

And another great night at Alex.  You know, I like people but my greatest happiness is down with the horses, talking, touching and being.  

I can breathe.

You know it is interesting though because I am seeing a definite horse hierarchy which is based on money vs not.  It's kind of funny because I don't buy into this concept too much and I'm pretty sure it's because of the work I've done for so long.  You don't see money as making a person better it just is.  

And my grandfather.

He would yell at me 20 million different ways to Sunday.  

** And my I know Tania but not, if you know what I mean man is back.  Let me just say here that, I had drinks on the deck with Tania takes on a completely different meaning when it is 3am in the morning and I'm asleep.

Just saying.

*** And I saw my syndicate family today.  You know, some days I don't know how I got so lucky.  The human side is super nice and the horses are just gorgeous.  Some talk freely, some just a little bit and some are like, WTF!  What are you doing?  Stop that!  No...wait...come back...

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia, Ralph, Chew and Az