Horse Sense....


So, you've heard me say, Won the fight, lost the battle...well, that would be because Caps is now in peak condition hooning up and down hills again inbetween bossing Sequoia round all and I do mean, all the time.  

Not quite the end result I was looking for.  

I was kind of hoping for a more gentle and sedate type result.   However, it is as I'm writing this, overall an excellent end result.  5 days and counting.

But Sequoia shouldn't be bugging him so much.  She's like frolicking all round the place and Caps is like, No.  Then she'll bounce round him trying to tempt and tease him and then Hello! we have ears back, teeth showing and discipline being meted out.  Often with me in the middle which I am seriously unimpressed about.  It's like Sequoia knows that I'm allowed round Caps to do whatever I want, whenever so if she sneaks in behind me then she's all good.  Ah, no.  

Then I'm growling everyone.

But on a positive note, Caps knows the difference between hot hands and let me touch you because I love you and love touching you hands.  He loves the second one and is always open for that.  He's like, Come touch your TB.  Bloody sook.

And Sequoia's off to Kirsty's (our Monty Roberts Instructor) for 6 weeks come July 1st.

Sequoia's ready to ride and I either have to go down and leave my other horses or I have to trust Kirsty to do the training that she has spent so many years fine tuning.  I will go down once a week to train with her so I'm not completely out of the loop but ultimately, what made me decide this is I want Sequoia to learn in a way which is kind and strong, powerful and empowering.  And Caps.  

If someone said to me, You can work with my horse but I want you to teach me I would say No.  I fix the horses and I do not need your help.  You can watch me and I can answer your questions and show you after but not while.  And that's what Kirsty had said.  You can watch and I can teach you at a later date but absolutely under no circumstances will you be breaking in Sequoia.  When I thought about it, I got it.  And I can also go down any time and I know Kirsty.  Her ways, her property, her training.  Sequoia also deserves someone who knows what they are doing.  And I can't be in two places at once.  So, I have to let go of some of my control freaky tendencies.  

But you have heard me talk about quite a few other trainers and I need to say here that I have no problem with any of them.  99.9% of them are good men who know their stuff, they just weren't right for us and the way I raise my horses.  

Apart from the muppet who tried to get me to pay $3000.  But don't get me wrong, it wasn't about the money, he was a male Buckle Bunny.  

I'm super excited though because it opens up so many opportunites for us.  


Ralph is happy and Caps is super happy although I would prefer him not to hoon round corners and come to a screeching halt in front of me.  Sequoia is uber excited, Chew's Meh! while Az is Mr I know what you want, here it is. I'm bored... 


Another great night at Alex.  I was down with the horses again and I could breathe.  


Ok, on the weird and bizarre my horses have still not turned up and phone calls re them turning up are always a Yes... I've just emailed to bail.  I have a 3 strikes and you're out rule.  If 3 times there are phone calls and 3 times it doesn't eventuate I walk.  Because it's Spirits way of saying, No for reasons that I do not know about.  A little disappointing but you know, Spirit have my back.  

I've also bailed on another outing.  It just got too weird.  

I'm still seeing people's book but I'm learning to live in peace with it.  

There's also been many good and totally random highlights with people this week which has been really great and the odd Really? WTF?  moment.  But I keep remembering my Nana saying, It'll all come out in the wash, Tania, Spirit are like, Pffftt...don't worry about it, we've got your back and my horses are like, Come play with us...

So, I'm spending time with my horses and living and loving in the ways that work for my soul, my son, my horses and our home. 

Speak your Truth.  Keep your word.

* I have just watched my TB (who nearly two weeks ago was limping so badly I thought I needed to call a vet), galloping, frolicking, jumping, jumping and twisting, jumping and kicking and all coming within a half metre of me (although I was behind the fence so maybe that doesn't count).  So, also add in an impressive slide, stop.  It was raw and powerful and majestic. 

Half of me was seriously impressed...  

** And Chew did the bolt when I drove in the gate today.  Well, actually it wasn't a bolt, more of a fast walk with a swish in his tail.  I know!  Uber cute.  And then just stood at the neighbours side eating their grass.  He's like, I'm not going anywhere, Tania.  I'm home.

*** And the Welsh menance hates with a passion his mane being tugged on.  As I found out today when he was putting ears back and showing teeth.  Like hates.  Time spent then apologising to soothe ruffled feathers.  In my defense, Caps loves me playing with his mane so you can understand my surprise at Az's lack of like of this activity. However, the Welsh menance did say immediately as I started doing it, WTF? What are you doing?  Stop that! and I just didn't listen.  Then he had to talk louder,  Stop that!  I said, Stop that! That's very disrespectful.  And he's right, I would never have done it like that to Caps.

**** And talking about Caps, that TB is getting way, way too spoilt.  He saw me get out of the car with shopping from the fruit shop today and was standing at the fence licking his lips, Do you have any chicky chippies for your TB?

That's a No by the way.  Horse cannot live by chip alone.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia, Ralph, Chew and Az


Buckle Bunny is a chick with long, bleached blonde hair, lots of make-up, false nails, short shorts and an extremely tight t-shirt with cowboy boots.  And doesn't know sh*te about horses.  Not to be confused with a Possum which refers to someone in the horse industry who charges for work done but doesn't actually do said work.  Hence, has the morals of a drunk possum.