Horse Sense....


You cannot tell me that we don't have Spirit here.  The bottom two water troughs were dry and haven't been refilling for last 4 days so I call Wayne the water tank fix it guy, go out for half and hour and Hello! come back and water troughs are full.  Wayne turns up 10 minutes later.  Grrrrrrrr

And Chew won't let me out of his sight.  But more than that he is always touching me.  I know!  The oddest thing, he who refused to let me love him for like 20 million days refuses to let me be by myself.  You know, some days I don't know how everything went the way it did.  From what we started with to now, just blows my mind.


A cool day with Spirit and horses.  Had to change round a couple of things both inside and outside the house because I've started using our French Doors as the main door rather than the front door which means that plants and crystals needed to be rearranged.  Sage outside the original front door replanted to French Doors and replaced with the gorgeous gardenia's.  I also added gardenia to the French main Doors just because I love their smell.  And as much as sage stays outside my bedroom French Doors it also was joined by the divinely smelling gardenia.

Then I was moving round my living room, shifting crystals and couches.  A fairly pointless exercise in the end because I shifted crystal from one side of lounge to other then realized it need to be moved back.  Lost a few kilo's doing that because it weighs in at 80 kgs and trust me, no one who moves it once voluntarily wants to move it again.  Moved couch(s) which looked cool then realized I could neither see the horses from couch nor they me.   Moved it back.  However, did move beautiful Citrine crystal who only weighs in about 50kgs and the table it sits on, and thank Spirit it actually fits where I moved it.

Then played with Sequoia.  We're getting used to each other's body and each other's ways.  We still don't have it 100% right and I'm still not actually fully sitting on her but mostly or almost, depending on which way you look at it.  Anyway, it is of no consequence.  We do what we do.  

Caps shoulder is now giving me grief but him and I are also finding our way.  It is keeping me focussed, challenging me and I'm fine tuning.  It's a really interesting process of which I have no doubts.  But that's the wrong word, let me try again - you know the sun is going to rise every day although you don't know whether it is going to stay sunny, rain, be cloudy or have thunderstorms.  That's what this process is like.  Listening to the Energy and then adapting to it.  Often two or three times a day.  Just Caps, me and Spirit listening, talking, rebalancing.  I can now not just touch the Energy I can see it moving round the body as a physcial entity which is super cool.  


Ok, so these are my hands after working with the Energy with Caps.


It's not mud or dirt and the same stuff comes off every single horse I have ever worked with no matter whether it is left naked in a paddock or rugged up in a stable.  Winter or Summer, it's still the same stuff.  The only thing that we can put it down to is that it is the toxins that are being released from the body after we have worked the previous day.

Kind of cool if you are not easily grossed out.  Needless to say I'm always dirty at the moment and my nails are taking an absolute hammering.


Caps is not limping today and my hands are better when I'm touching him.

It's really interesting though because we are at a really tricky stage now.  That delicate position where I have to teach Caps body to heal itself and stay healed.  So, I'm learning how to dance.  How to touch, tease and play, drawing in and giving back, just the right amount at just the right time.  The hardest part is keeping myself balanced. In some ways, it's getting easier because I am super aware of my body balance at all times now and know when I've eaten the wrong food and in other respects it is unbelievably hard.  Working with Energy like this means that you're working on a clear basis and trusting what you know but it's super hard because we as humans are taught only to communicate with words.  So, I'm finding it very challenging not to say what I mean when I see your book and often I am just saying exactly what I mean which is causing chaos and mayhem.  Mucho chaos and big mayhem.  However, I am trying to find the right balance because now that I'm consciously working with this Energy and seeing such amazing results I'm not letting it go ever again.  Eventually, I will get it right.


Bloody Ralph's getting bullied.

I know! but my beautiful little stallion is now last in the pecking order, bossed around like nobodies business and is feeling sad.  So, I've separated the little ones and Az from Caps and Sequoia.  Not perfect but I'll see how it goes.  I can't let Ralph be sad.


Check out the hands!

I'm super stoked.  I've fixed Caps as I'm writing this but now the trick is keeping him fixed.  But so far I am super happy.

Caps also seems super happy and he communicates with me that he doesn't need my hands by politely moving his a** away from me when I go to touch him.  He's like, Thank you, but not today.

And I'm learning how to keep my body in balance.  Well, that's not particularly true, I'm learning quickly what works and what doesn't foodwise.  Mostly because if I get it wrong I'm getting an almost immediate headache or needing a nap within 15 minutes.  I mean, chocolate is completely (mostly) out but I have been able to replace it with bananas.  I know, go figure!  But there must be a vitamin or mineral that I'm lacking that both chocolate and bananas own. 90% of the time I'm really good and then I'll go out for lunch and have something that has folic acid or sulphites in it or someone pops in with something delicious and I'm like, Oooooohhhhh....

Spirit are like, We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way, Tania... 

I'm learning I don't want to do this the hard way.

I'm also super careful not to take Caps toxins in to my body.  It's a real learning experience for me though.   

But one that is pretty damn amazing.

I have no idea how to get this work out where more people know about it though because it doesn't make any sense.  Or no sense in a rational way.  I'm not a Chiropractor nor am I a Reiki worker. I work with no boundaries, under no rules and I refuse to make myself small to fit in or make you like me. 

I guess it doesn't really matter though because in the big scheme of things I still get up every day and do what I do.

And love every minute.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia, Ralph, Chew and Az