Horse Sense....



Hey, guess what?

Got a phone call today and we have 6 little ones coming on Monday to stay for a while!  And that's where it kind of ends unfortunately, because I can't tell you any details of them nor can I show you photo's or anything else which might be relevant, interesting or otherwise of interest.  However, I have been waiting for this for almost a year and had just thought that Spirit had said, No.  Then I got the call today.  I am super stoked and I just wanted to share it with you.

And the Welsh menance has decided that I can't be trusted and has taken to standing outside the living room window and staring at me.  

Whatcha doing?  


So, he just stands there staring at me until I finish.

Or give in.

The more I'm with him the more I understand how highly intelligent he is.  

Does this mean he does everything that I want, when I want?  

Absolutely not.  

And noticeably not in some respects but I am seeing him communicate and talk.  I'm also understanding the difference between a naughty I don't feel like it vs a valid and real, I don't want to and this is why...  So, we stop and chat a lot.  Because if he doesn't want to I need to find out why.  

What am I missing?  

But he is very vocal, which is really great for me.  What I do love though is his ability to do what I want which is outside normal boundaries.  Almost showing off that he knows exactly what I want and does it, then waits for me.  He challenges me on so many levels.  


Bloody Caps hip is out again.  

I could have told him that was going to happen because I saw him hooning up and down the paddocks having a ball the last few days.  Acting like he was 4 again.  So, you know, now we have old mans hip.  And the horse equivalent of man flu.


Ok, so we've had a result with Caps.  He tells me quicker when his hip is about to go out, I fix it as soon as I know and we are getting great results, fast.  However, this needs to be fixed so that it lasts permanently or longer.  But right now as I'm writing this, I'm pretty happy.  

He's perfect today.


Found the mouse.  Decomposing behind my fridge.  Will have to stay there because I can't touch dead.


Ok, so now Caps right shoulder has gone out.  So, on a positive note half of what I am doing is working however, half is not good enough.  I don't work on 50% success rate.  I'm up around the 92% success rate with my humans although that goes to -10% if you don't take my advice.  But anyway, 50% doesn't cut it.  However, I went back and did the Miri-Miri and it should work.  If it doesn't throw the bloody hip out again.  But after I had finished today Caps started steaming.  It often happens with horses I work with but it still blows me away.  It's Caps body's way of taking the Energy that I have in, his body connecting and co-joining his Energy to mine and then this weird chemical reaction happens as his body starts to heal itself.  He heats up and steam literally comes off him.

But on a completely different but really similiar note: Did you know that both your hands have a Chakra in them?  The spark of Energy which moves through your hands, flowing, energizing, empowering and igniting the ability to heal.  

Do we all have this ability?  

Well, we all have the Chakras that live in our hands.  

Is that the same thing?

Been going into this whole Hand Chakra thing more and they definitely exist.  I know!  Go figure!  Yet the funny thing is you hear me talk about my fuzzy hands all the time.  How I can tell that I am about to Read because my hands start Energetically Vibrating.  How I touch all the time and how it is one of the most important ways that I communicate.  Super cool!

The less than positive thing that has happened amongst all this magic though was I obviously had a blockage in one of my other Chakras because twice (2) this week I have just randomly burst into tears.  I hate that because I'm just not a crier.  So, you know, that's thrown me a curve ball.  However, I am consciously and proactively working now and I know that for me to be at my highest vibrational level there has to be rain.  

And I've been doing the healing stones at night.

Actually, now I think about it, I'm pretty lucky it's only been rain.  

It could quite easily have been blo*dy thunderstorms.

You know though, sometimes when I write this blog I want to put more flowers around it.  For it not to be so raw or me so vulnerable but everytime I think that, I see Spirit standing next to me saying, Speak your Truth, this will work out just fine.

Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia, Ralph, Chew and Az