Horse Sense....


Ok, so Az is teaching me how to be with a horse.

It's the oddest thing.  He just decided the other day that I was worth putting the time into so is showing me the proper way.  Now, I've seen this before with the horses.  All of a sudden one of them will go, I've got this one... and take me under their wing and then teach me with patience the right way to do something.  

So, I put my ego to the side, Spirit quietened the Energy round me and then off we went.  I'm trying very hard to stay in the moment though and not look further than my nose and so far, fingers crossed, it's working.  But on the odd occasion where I want to freak out because I don't know what I'm doing then I hear Kirsty's voice say to me, Start where you are, with what you have, right now.

And be a better horsewoman.

Well, ok then.


So, I did a quick trip down the line today.  It was mostly good, parts a little less so and a smattering of just downright weird and bizarre.  But I put it down to the weather.  

Because the whole weeks been odd.

There has been more than one offer of, Would you like a bit of company in this cold weather? Which annoys the sh*te out of me.  I mean, seriously, I just don't know how to say, If you think I'm interested in a casual shag with no strings then you don't know me at all but honestly, I just don't want to go to bed with a man that doesn't know stuff like that about me.  But on the funny side of things seeing a great looking guy, having a conversation, him giving me a *sexy* smile and then asking for $3000 is well, let's just say, Wow.  

I keep checking in with Spirit though and saying to them, Don't send me in any man who has his eye on easy money, quick horses or a casual shag because I'm not interested.  I mean, seriously, either come into our home with an open heart or don't come in at all.  But Spirit are making me fine tune.  Yes, that works, No, that doesn't.  It's a little scary how often I'm saying No though.  My human peeps are telling me I need to get out more and stop being such a recluse and my horse peeps are telling me to just get someone to train Sequoia and get on with it and I'm doing my best but you know, I have to feel right and nothing's quite jelling.  Close but no cookie kind of scenario.  Anyway, I talk with Spirit and I have my horses and friends so, you know, I'm trusting as I'm writing this.  

Actually, I'm just consistently walking forward, crossing fingers and hoping like f*k it all works out.

Az is still teaching me.


Mice have moved into my pantry.

Two rats and a village of mice have moved into the shed.

Rabbits, 2 hares and 20 million ducks have also moved in.  

Welcome to Duck Hunting season.


And it was Weanlings Day at the stud farm.  I know!  If anyone says, Want to come see the horses then I'm texting Yes while I'm putting my boots on.  I just can't help myself.  Nor do I wish to.  Anyway, there was quite a few people I knew and as per ususal it was a huge amount of fun.  Karaka in a couple of weeks.  Yah!  

And two (2!!) people are coming round to see Sequoia and put her to me.  Well, one person is helping me to and the other one said, I can ride any horse, I'll come over.  So, there we have it.  Spirit have spoken.  I'll let you know how it goes.


So, I tell the horses where I'm going and when I'm going to be back every time I go out.  

Well, they like to know.

But I tell you what they understand the word, shopping.  I know!  But all of them hear my car come up the road and they are standing at the fence by the house waiting for their treats.  They know that in those shopping bags there are either chippies or carrots.

They like carrots but they love their Chicken chips.  

And Caps stands there and calls me.  Are there chippies in that bag for your TB?

That's a Yes in case you're interested.  The girl at the supermarket must think I live off chips because I buy a lot.  Well, everyone loves them.  In fact, you stand at the top by the house and no matter where they are, even if they're down at the last, bottom paddock, you shake the bag, open it and by the time you have your hand in they're all galloping up and in your face.

You cannot tell me that horses don't understand humans and our language.  They understand perfectly.

We're the thick ones.


Sometimes I feel so unbelievably blessed. 

Mr B came over, had a bit of a pat with Sequoia, lay over her then jumped on.  And she never moved a muscle.  There was no stress, no issue, nothing.

Then moi got on.

And again no issue, unless you count Mr B taking one look at the mounting block and going, No way are you using that.  So, it was a bit undignified there for a while.  And Sequoia still never moved.  

Not one minute that I have spent with Sequoia has been wasted time.


Wishing you much love my friends and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia, Az, Ralph, Chew, Melvin and Cookie.