Horse Sense....


Ok, so now we are about to get Cyclone Cook.  


I'm making a complaint to the people upstairs about our lack of Summer because even my tan has packed up and gone on holiday.  

But all jokes aside, we've really got a cyclone coming with lots of rain and winds of up to 150 km/h.  

So, this morning has been all about making sure the horses are well, happy, safe, have lots of food, have a safe and warm shelter place to go to if they want to and just checking in with them.  

They are.  Sequoia was also standing at the gate waiting for me this morning and was like, Shall we have a little play? and I was like, No, there's a cyclone coming.  So, we had a little snack together instead.  She's pretty easy going although she did mention that she couldn't see why we couldn't have had a play first.

Anyhou, as I'm writing this, the Kettle family are all parked up and the rains just started.  The horses are happy, moi is waiting for the Easter Bunny to come tomorrow, Good Friday, there's food in the cupboards, chocolate, hot cross buns - both the apple and cinnamon and chocolate kind, friends are coming over, I have spoken to the young one as I will be again tomorrow and I've just put the fire on.  I'm also watching trashy tv and have a good book as a back up plan.  And tossing up about a hot bubble bath as well.   

Cross fingers for everybody else's horses to be happy, well, safe and warm and that we all have continuous water and power.


And that was a complete let down.  

We had a teensy bit of rain and enough wind for two sneezes.  I should have realized because yesterday everyone was just hanging out having snuggles and chatting not having a mad 10 minutes kicking and bucking and jumping.  Yeah, Caps does this weird bouncing thing where it actually looks as if he is on a pogo stick, pogo-ing around the paddock.  And Sequoia was like, Can we play?  What about now?  This has not done my reputation any good with her because now she thinks I can't tell weather.  She politely hasn't mentioned my lack of... today though.  Another first.

And Caps has pulled a muscle in his shoulder, or just under his shoulder.  Went out today and he's not limping exactly, well he is a little bit, but he's all wonky.  

So, I watched him during the day and tonight I did a Miri Miri.  He keeps telling me he's fine but I'm like, Don't stand there drenched to the bone and tell me it's not raining.

I've given him 2 days to get better or I'll call the vet.  However, it's really interesting because I'm pretty sure about 3 weeks ago when I said he had sugared his hooves, I'm now positive it was (or is) the same injury.  It must be an old one and if he nudges it the wrong way or canters too hard then it knocks it out of balance again.  I've locked all of them out of the hill paddocks and will do another Miri Miri tomorrow.

And the cows are fantastic!  My paddocks are looking amazing and we have a great relationship.  Especially, but not limited to, SJ.


This has been such an unusual time.  

Mr C came over today and we had another super cool day.  We washed Az which worked really well because he looks very white (not perfect but pretty damn good) and not so good because he freaked out again on us.  This was a bit of an issue as he was completely purple when he decided to do it.  We sponge bathed and got it out as much as we could.  We then talked about Kirsty (our Monty Roberts Instructor) as she always used to say to me, Don't bother telling me about the horses, Tania.  The horse will tell me.  

Well, ain't that the truth.  

This has been proved right time and time and time again.

But in the realm of the weird and odd when it comes to bathing, Chew voluntarily comes over and stands close to me and lets me wash him to show Az that it's all good and nothing to worry about.  Sometimes I have to fight my human limitations very much to overcome what I see my horses do.  To throw out old, out dated belief systems that say, Your horse can't be doing that when I'm standing there, watching him do it.

But back to Az, we're getting some amazing results.  They come out of the blue and normally when we're not expecting them.  I wish you could be here with us though because it's like touching magic.  To see the horses respond on an emotional basis.  To transcend the different species and not only to play with Energy but to talk beyond is truly awe inspiring. And that it's not just happening with me but I am watching another human have the same experience is truly humbling.  

And Caps is still limping.  I did the stones today and put Anti-flam on.  He was sad because he wanted to come and play with Sequoia, me, Az and Mr C and couldn't.  I tried to explain why he couldn't but he was, Look!  I'm fine.  As he was limping along.  That was a No in case, you were wondering.  However, Mr C and I made sure that he had his special time with us which made him feel better and soothed ruffled fur.  Another Miri Miri tonight and he should be fine.  

And this is the time of Goddess Oestre.  The pagan festival which celebrates sunrise, rejuvenation, renewal and rebirth.  Others call it Easter.  Whatever you call it, it is always a very blessed time for me.  My absolute favourite time of the year but always a time where there is an abundance of Spirit, love, connection and contentedness.  This year has been no different.  In fact, if it is at all possible there has been more of everything this year.  It's blown my mind.


And my horses were sitting this morning.  Caps and I sat together and it was the first time that he totally relaxed with me.  He rested his head on my shoulder, he kissed me, we were leaning against each other and I was stroking him, it was a truly blessed time.  

Then Sequoia came over and sat down a metre away from us.  Close enough to say she wanted to connect in but not close enough to sit on me.  So, I moved over to her and spent time with her, then I moved over to Chew and he snuggled in.  Ralph was next to us but for once didn't wish to sit and then I moved to Az who is quite possibly the snuggliest horse ever.  He smoozed in and was almost sitting on my lap.  In fact, he was all laid out and had his head and neck in my lap.

And they all, when they were sitting with me,  made this purring sound.  I very rarely hear it in their normal day to day life but often hear it in absolute times of contentment.  

It is times like this when I know we don't just have a good relationship, we have a phenomenonal one. 

Caps is also noticeably better.

And to answer the question that I get asked a lot, Yes, horses given the opportunity, will always love and choose to spend time with their human.  


You know, there are moments here where there is such clarity of soul and connection to not just each other but the world and our place in it, that you would think not one of us had had one minute of conflict, chaos or trauma in our life.


Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia, Ralph, Chew and Az and of course, the cows (especially SJ)


The beautiful Daisy symbolizes innocence and purity, simplicity and new beginnings and are considered a secret flower which hide secret love messages in the language of flowers.

** I know you are watching me with my horses because I hear your Energy.  It is as loud as you physically speaking with me. 

*** I fed the cows by hand today!  I know, how super cool!  SJ came up close enough to touch me but couldn't commit (no surprises there),  Mickey briefly came up and ate just to prove he could, Lucky was a total piglet, Marvin was a little slow to start but was fine after a bit, Cookie wasn't too fussed and Billy was happily trying to shag everyone and anyone who didn't move quick enough even though I'm pretty sure everyone's a boy.  

I told you I could do it.

You're welcome.