Horse Sense....


Ok, well a couple of updates on the emotional life of the Kettle herd.

Caps is the absolute boss.  He loves not just being part of the family but looking out and for the rest of his family.  He seems to have come into his own.

Sequoia has really stepped up.  Not just with me, I mean with me she is voluntarily participating now and talking but also with everyone else in the herd.  She is second in charge but first when it comes to emotional well-being.  She is the Mum and trains like a Mum.  She's softer in her Energy and nurtures.  But like a human Mum it is not me, me, me, she shares.  She keeps order through kindness and love.  It's really awe inspiring to watch.  

Az is third in the heirachy.  He's young and a male, excitable and enthusiastic so we are still learning manners.  He's totally open to humans but is still learning boundaries however, Caps and Sequoia constantly watch and discipline him if he steps out too much.

Next comes Chew.  I know!  But he somehow snuck in and made himself welcome. He loves Caps and I just don't have the heart to tell him that he just won't grow that big.

And my beautiful stallion, Ralph ended up number 5.  Not as happy about this as I could be.  I know, I know I wanted him to live with the bigger horses and leave Sequoia alone but I didn't want him this quiet.  It's like when he tried to fit in and not consistently try and shag Sequoia he lost the part of him which made him Ralph.  Now, I've seen this happen time and time again with human girls who get together with a player.  They'll spend months trying to change him, then more months with him proving that's he's changed and then Boom! they get into a relationship with him and it's not great.  It's like the part that made him a player was the best part of him and when you took that away there was nothing left.  Trust me when I say, Take a man exactly as he is and love him or not at all.  It's sort of like that with Ralph.  He's lost at the moment and a little sad like his purpose in life has been taken away.  I'll spend some one on one time with him and see whether we can get things moving again.  Maybe I'll do a couple of shows with him so he can get his mojo back.  I think he just needs validation that he is attractive to someone again.

But talking about Sequoia she is finding her hooves.  When Caps does his ear thing to encourage her to move away from me when there's food, she just stands there now and pretends she doesn't see him.  She's like, I'm a valued and loved member of this family.  I have a right to be here.  She's turning into a super cool horse.

And the Energy with me is both extremely quiet and uber busy.  Spirit with my adult humans are going, Nope, you're not going there or doing that. But it's really weird, there's heaps of men around but Spirit are like, Nope, they're nice enough but not for you.  We have this under control and don't need your help.  

Well, ok then.  

But if I'm being honest, I can't say I'm happy about it.  The guy I like doesn't like me back, or let me put it this way, he's not doing one thing that would make me know that he has feelings for me and that I know that he does, doesn't matter.  Only actions do.  And there's none.  Spirit also let me make plans and then change them at the last minute and they absolutely, point blank refuse to let another man in at the moment.  Which doesn't make any sense at all.  So, you know, I'm happy but not if you know what I mean.  But for all you girls who ask me, Does your gift work in your own relationship life?  Well, you're seeing how well it works right now.  But all jokes aside, it's like being forever 16.  And is why we as Readers, often end up in relationships with younger men.  We have a particular Energy so as much as lots of men are attracted to us very few can actually be with us with the depth that we require.

But I can't really complain, Spirit show me a happy, healthy, emotional and intimate relationship filled with love, honour, respect, kindness, horses, lots of laughter and bucketloads of hot sex so you know, I have to trust them.  And let's face it, they haven't let me down yet.  

But onto other things:

Spirit are putting little humans in front of me.  It's fun.  It challenges me to teach, learn, verbalize, validate and be challenged.  It's odd but kind of cool as well because I'm understanding just how much of the work I do with Spirit is multi-dimensional.  I mean, I understand that what I'm first presented with is never what I actually work with but it's so interesting to consciously be playing with the Energy in this multi dimensional world. 


I think I'm in love!

And his name is SJ.  I know, how lucky am I?  But SJ is not actually mine.  My lovely neighbour Chris and his wife, (on the other side of my property) lent me some of his cows.  6 in fact.  But I have fallen head over hoof for SJ.  Number 1034.   I mean, the shine on his coat and the twinkle in his eye, he's nothing short of a little bit of perfection.  He's the Angus brand and I have to say that I can understand why Angus beef is expensive.  That's one good looking hunk of flesh.  So I've named him Super Juicy, SJ for short.  But don't be upset, Sj's not offended, he understands his role in life and actually feels a little proud of how he looks.  And tastes.  

Don't give me that look, we both know I'm not trustworthy round cows.

And Chris fixed my electric fence.  It fell over in the storm and stopped working however, with all the rain all the other bloody fences that shouldn't have been hot, were,  so I was getting shocks all round the place.  I was not a happy bunny.  Anyway, Chris fixed it for right now and I have instructions to go get waratahs and do the job properly.  Right.  That's next on my list.  But I did find out that when it is wet, moisture gets into the ground and can heat everything up.  Bloody lovely.  

The things you didn't realize you didn't know, eh?

And on a different but similar note: I'm having real difficulty in controlling my blood sugar levels at the moment.  I just can't get them right.  Too much chocolate and I go sky high and too little and I'm not safe to be around.  I mean, seriously, when people come round to see me it takes everything I have not to say to them (before I've even said Hello!Did you bring me chocolate?  (Luxury flake, Caramello, Pinky bar, plain Cadbury no nut ones or ones that have raisins!) I assume I've just od'd on a vitamin and mineral and my body is trying to counteract things and rebalance but I have to keep reminding myself, chocolate is not a breakfast food.  But all jokes aside I have no one to blame apart from myself.  I tipped the balance too far with fruit and veges and eggs while taking out chocolate and ciabatta bread.  And stopped taking Vitamin C which completely threw my balance out.  It's funny, I can take egg yolks but I can't take egg whites.  But anyway, now that I have had my fill of chocolate, carbs and Vitamin C, hopefully I'm back on track.  

Well, fingers crossed but you know that Divine Truth...Good friends always bring you chocolate.

And on another different but similar I've been approached to sell Sequoia.  They're a lovely family and professional horsey people.  Their horses are in great nick and their stables are clean and gorgeous.  Not gorgeous as in money can buy but gorgeous in the way that they are clean and tidy and loved, although their property is stunning.  But my biggest tick is that I can text, or be texted, see them within 10 minutes and the stables are always clean, horses in great nick, a feeling of peace there and never once have I seen anyone there hit a horses.  Ok, ok, I know that people can still hit a horse and you not know but realistically you can't hide the Energy of a horse that gets hit.  And that's my biggest thing, Can you turn up within minutes and everything still be ok? 

I have known stables in the past where they are outwardly, drop dead gorgeous but you are not welcome to "pop in".  I stay away from these stables.  If I am not welcome to "pop in" there's a really high chance I'm not going to like the way they train.  Excellent trainers and really good horsemen and women welcome you to their home because their horses are in good nick and content.  

All the time.  

I'm very happy with Sequoia here at home with us but I've also spoken to you about her jumping ability and have questioned whether I am enough long term for her or whether I have actually done what I should have with her and it is now time for the next stage of her journey. 

Spirits will.

And after whinging that things were quiet, I'm so freaking busy I can hardly breathe.  But good busy.  Soul busy.


You cannot tell me that horses don't feel love because I am watching a love affair happening right now.  

Mr C and Az are just blowing my mind.  Az was waiting for him this morning, then they played, jumped, took video's of above, had races with Ralph and I and then Ralph and Az had a bath.  A real live one with the hose.  Ralph, naturally was pretty chilled.  Az, started off being sponge bathed and then with Mr C's help we got him bathed with the hose.  All over.  Apparently, what I should have been doing was always having two people wash him.  One stands there stroking him and the other (me) puts my hand on him with the hose under my hand so it's like a stroke with water.  Then we finished off with a sponge bath.  He was an absolute breeze.  

I'm just so sorry that Az and Mr C lost contact so abruptly without any time to adjust.  One minute it was happily one way and the next it was another.  

But enough of that, I am watching magic happen with Az and Mr C now and it defies all logic, reason or any scientific fact.

And Mr C and I took a quick trip out to see the horses, uber cool.  Thank you.

And as I'm writing this, I've lost my phone which is really odd.  I'm assuming Spirit have just said, No, take a break.  Hopefully, it will be sitting in plain sight when I get up tomorrow morning.  Like on my kitchen bench or at my front door.  Trust me odder things have happend but until that time I think it is bubble bath and early bedtime.


Found my phone stuffed between the concrete wall blocks.


Found out that calves under 100 kgs should be fed milk, live in a shed and as a general rule not just thrown out in paddock and patted periodically.  

My bad.


Found out today that the white tape I put up on my fence months ago was not quite right.  Tape kept moving and looking a bit dodgy and I didn't know out I hadn't stapled it.  


And we (Ralph, me, Mr C and Az) did a show Sunday.  Well, I started showing Ralph and then a little girl found us and she showed Ralph.  Ralph's good like that.  He just picks his little person and then he's off.  Az was a dream, mostly.  Got on float within 30 seconds but then decided No, I'm having too much fun and didn't wish to hop on float to come home.  So, the lovely lady trainers there offered to help.  Which sort of worked but it was him seeing me getting the rope out that made him promptly walk into float with a, No need to be like that... Every one just looked at me.  I then had to explain that no, I never hit a horse and never ever hit a horse with a rope...

Anyhou, moving right along.

Ralph got 1x first, 2x seconds, 1x third and 1x fourth.



And Az and Mr C got...



3x firsts, 1x second, 1x third, 3x fourths and Reserve Champion.

You're welcome.

And it's raining again and we're flooding.








** Found a new brand of Vitamin C.  Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C.  It's in liquid sachet form and is brilliant.  Expensive at around $63 for 30 sachets but well worth it. A lot of the normal Vitamin C you buy over the counter is a by product of corn which is genetically modified.  This is not.  Found at your local Health Food Shop or they'll be able to order it in for you.  

Wishing you much love my friends, and of course, my humans.

Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia, Ralph, Chew and Az.