About Tania

Hi, My name is Tania Kettle and I am a Professional Clairaudient.

What does being Clairaudient mean?
It means I walk with Spirit.

What do you do?
I give you direct guidance from Spirit to create the life you desire. To show you what the future holds while giving you tools to get rid of negative financial thought patterns, toxic relationships, addictions and grief.

How do you work?
With Spirit and horses.

- With Spirit by speaking directly to them then passing those messages onto you...and talking with horses.

- Horses are the most Divinely Spiritual creatures on the planet. They live in the world of Clairaudience - that which you cannot hear with the naked ear. Clairvoyance - that which you cannot see with the naked eye and Clairsensory - that which you cannot touch.

Through the Divine Guidance of Spirit my horses have welcomed me into their world to develop, deepen, polish and share with you these natural gifts that I was given.

I welcome you to my world.
Many blessings and much love

T and Spirit